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    Software House. Where it should advertise.

    The IT industry, like many other industries, is highly competitive. This is especially true for Software houses. Unfortunately, it is no longer enough to have even outstanding programmers in the team to achieve market success and gain a competitive advantage. It may be wrong to expect that the client will find us even if we do nothing in this direction. Yes, sometimes this happens (usually with successful inbound marketing campaigns), but in most cases – no. Software house should search for customers and contractors by itself, including active advertising activities.

    The marketing activities of B2B Software houses can be broadly divided into inbound marketing and outbound marketing. In the first case, it is primarily about creating content that will be interesting, useful and valuable enough that the recipient himself will go to the company. In contrast, outbound is an activity aimed at searching for a customer and reaching him with a marketing message. However, no matter what marketing strategy is chosen, it is crucial to identify the target group (personas).

    Software houses primarily use their own websites for promotion, but sometimes they also use external portals. In the first case, it is often content showing in a more or less concise way what the company is doing, what it has done (often reference is also used here). Sometimes Software House tries to show itself to a potential client in the form of a case study, and a common practice is to conduct a corporate blog, in which not only interesting information and problems related to the industry are reported, but also the functioning of the company itself is brought closer. However, advertising on external industry portals can also be a good solution. Below is an example of four services that are perfectly suited for Software house marketing activities.

    Clutch is an ideal place not only to find the right specialists in software production, but also a great platform to showcase the potential and achievements of software house. however, it is not a portal where you can only prepare a business card and thus advertise yourself. Clutch is definitely a lot more. First of all, it is a world-famous research company that evaluates, among other things, developers. He collects opinions about them, analyzes their experience, portfolio, reputation and actions in the market. In this way, the platform becomes an excellent way to establish B2B Contacts.Software house uses it to build brand awareness and increase online visibility, and often also to increase traffic to its own website. In contrast, clients looking for a developer do not need to check the credibility and skills of a particular company, it is enough just to analyze the rankings prepared by clutch. The presence in this ranking is an excellent advertisement for Software house. here the company can show itself from the best side, effectively turning the positive feedback of existing customers into further business successes. By the way, it is worth emphasizing that this is free advertising, because setting up a profile in the Clutch portal does not cost anything.

    A little differently works appfutura and is designed for developers and Software house specializing in mobile applications. The portal was launched in 2014 and is rapidly gaining popularity. Here, too, the goal is to associate the site that is looking for development services with the appropriate contractor. However, the AppFutura service reports the demand for specific projects, which are then directed to the contractors selected by appfutura. Without going into details, it is worth emphasizing that the presence in this portal is, on the one hand, an opportunity to establish cooperation on an attractive project, and on the other – a great opportunity to advertise. However, in order to build a reliable image, you should not limit yourself to setting up a free account. In appfutura there are paid options that increase the marketing potential, for example, the status of “verified developer” or a higher position in the search results and presence in the list of the best developers.

    The portal has been running since 2012 and allows you to create online business cards of Software houses. In contractiq there are companies from more than 40 countries. This is a place that people looking for developers for their own projects are happy to look at. Here the mechanism is similar to appfutura. First, the assumptions of a particular project are submitted (if necessary, the portal helps to define them), and then the appropriate team of programmers is selected from those who are willing. On the ContractIQ portal you can show your achievements and advertise quite effectively. It is worth mentioning that such well-known brands as Siemens and Philips use this service.

    In the above list, there was also our website, which was also created to promote good, innovative Software houses. Bulldogjob is a platform for building an image in an interesting, unusual way. Our companies will not stop at neat slogans, but they can show themselves from different perspectives. We are based on technical content. It is with the help of such articles that Software house can show what it is really good at, what projects it carries out, what kind of people it employs. It is worth remembering that Bulldogjob is not only employee marketing, but also a message aimed at potential customers and contractors. Our goal is to bring together on our platform all IT employers who will not only talk about their work culture and achievements, but also will establish contacts with each other, implementing new projects. It should be noted that these technical articles and case studies are converted into targeted campaigns in social media (it is the customer who chooses the target audience). With us, not only Software house can show itself from the technical side in an attractive, transparent form. Creating a profile is free. Although articles and social media campaigns are already paid for, start-ups and even small Software houses can count on a special, attractive offer by contacting us at employerbranding@bulldogjob.pl.

    We are waiting for information where the Software house, of which you are a part, is advertised. Enter suggestions for interesting sites where you can see a Polish company from the IT industry.



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