Surfen mit der Gear VR: Links ein 360-Grad-Video, rechts ein SPIEGEL-ONLINE-Artikel

So, surfing is in virtual reality

When people argue glasses about the sense or nonsense of so-called Virtual Reality, you often hear the same joke: The glasses look stupid, but at least one advantage: You can watch secretly porn.

Practically, you can employ among one VR glasses, but also with unspectacular things: for example, with normal Websites, from news to Facebook.

Gear VR is Samsung’s Virtual-Reality-glasses

In Samsung’s Gear VR, the first truly market-ready Virtual Reality glasses, there was, as yet, no Browser, what surprised given the App’s service. In the Oculus Store, many games, and experiences are to be found finally by the cinema simulator up to the walk-in painting:

With a new program called Samsung Internet Beta, Samsung has closed the gap. The VR Browser is still in beta stage, but can easily install and try. The final Version will probably come out next year.

Compared to Desktop browsers, such as Firefox or Chrome Samsung Internet Beta comes slimmed down: With the App pages using four search engines access, including Google, Bing, and Yahoo Germany. A browser in the classical sense, there is not. Practically, you can reach only the pages that show up in the search engines, or are somewhere linked different.

Support hands-free is possible

Your own surf destination can be comfortable – and of course to outsiders felt – via Google voice recognition to determine. Alternatively you can type with a look-controlled Cursor letters on a virtual keyboard.

Websites such as Netflix to act in the glasses display, not just pixelated, but also quite bulky, though not nearly the whole field of view is used. In General, first of all, the mobile version of the website.

Ultimately, the Web looks so also through the VR glasses like on a cell phone display, it’s not like a sudden Pop-up window to jump directly to the face. The Hardware for special Surf is slow as, the matching site versions lack.

Scroll by sight or by touch screen

How far the browser window cast away, in a setting menu, set. There, the function can also enable that Links are opened, if you fixed the Cursor for a few seconds, you. And thanks to the voice control Samsung Internet Beta is largely hands-free use. You can scroll via Touchpad, or by views of the upper or lower end of a window.

Overall, the pure web surfing is much harder than on PC or Smartphone. This is mainly due to the fact that you have the glasses on the face, which is always warm. Also the sharpness of the image is on a Computer or phone monitors better. Sometimes the Browser App forces due to the partial adverse window positioning to configure the field of view by means of the “Recenter”-new Option.

The Tomorrowland Festival with panoramic views

What is the point of a VR-has the Browser, is only accessible, if the classical sites, and photo – or video-sharing websites controls. On YouTube, for example, there are a lot of 360-degree Videos, the view with the glasses, usually a fascinating experience. In our Test, we have admired about shots from the Dance-Festival Tomorrowland, and us a 360-degree episode of the Comedy series “Annoying Orange” considered.

An Option to adjust the image quality, we have not discovered it, unfortunately. Nevertheless, the possibility of now YouTube-watch Videos is a huge step forward for Samsung glasses.

According to Samsung, the new Browser supports both 360-degree and 3D Video Streaming, as HTML5 Videos. And Yes, this question must be answered: Also porn movies you can watch, if, for example, with Bing in accordance with the relevant portals addiction. But be careful: A private mode that at least the most obvious traces from the outset to avoid, not the Samsung App yet.

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