Snap launches cloud experiment with augmented reality

Snap launches cloud experiment with augmented reality

In London launches the first Snap of the permanent and available to experience augmented reality. This conceptual certificate of cloud AR.


The cloud augmented reality is a kind of 3D the Google index for the next generation of the Internet: a digital double of the real world with digital information and objects can be accurately located in three-dimensional space in a real environment and viewed by all people using a smartphone or augmented reality glasses.


Recently Google introduced Earth Anchors, your own approach to the cloud augmented reality that is associated with the data of Google Maps and Streetview. For comparison, Snap is working on a much smaller scale with great effort, the company has digitized the London Carnaby street as an approximate three-dimensional model.


As Snap data sources used, among other things, panoramic images of streets and user photos. Using 3D reconstruction with the AI, unites Snap 2D photos to the cloud points.


Пользователи Snap могут делиться друг с другом своим цифровым цветом в этом облаке точек. | Изображение: Snap


For users of Snap can of digital spray paint on buildings in a small area of the street. This technology is called Snap a “Local Lens” and application for the spray paint — “City Painter”. According to the researcher Snap Qi pan, a digital image is transmitted between separate smartphones “almost instantly” and remain forever.



What does it do? According to pan, this enables Snap to offer possibilities of augmented reality that were previously impossible, such as tours of the places where they lived before the famous people, digital notes or photos left in the real areas, or multiplayer game with augmented reality.



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