Smart Casco-tailored protection to your needs

What is Smart Casco insurance?

Smart Casco is a personalized form of autocasco that can be customized to your preferences. To protect your vehicle, the driver does not have to buy the full AC package. Smart Casco insurance allows you to protect your car from the risks that we fear the most. The following options are available: elements, theft, theft plus elements, total damage plus elements, as well as an option combining all three of the above. Importantly, the selected variant of Smart Casco is available only for OC holders in link4.

How does it work?

Many drivers buying a compulsory OC policy are thinking about the choice of additional insurance. Most often, however, it is the costs that decide to stay with the mandatory OC. To meet the needs of drivers looking for protection from the consequences of a particular threat, the Smart Casco offer comes out, giving the opportunity to choose the most necessary range, which is so far only part of autocasco packages. This allows you to tailor the policy to your individual needs, with a range of options to choose from.

About how useful is Smart Casco in LINK4 tells Mr. Andrzej (52 l.) from Gniezno:

Link4 I chose because of their great opinion among my friends. For a couple of years I bought the same OC. As for the additional insurance, yes, I thought about it, but the scope is quite wide, and I was most afraid of damage to the bodywork by hail and damage during storms and storms. I live surrounded by forests, I park my car under a cloud, not in the garage, and the weather in recent years is very unpredictable. I myself experienced a terrible hail storm on the road last summer, and I know how devastating it is.

When I was renewing the OC, I came across information about the inexpensive Smart Casco. For insurance OC in link4 I bought a variant total damage and elements, providing financial protection also in case of damage caused by a hurricane, hail or total destruction of the car as a result of an accident. Northern Wielkopolska is famous for its forests, and I am often on the road. Last autumn I was returning to Gniezno from Obornik. It was suddenly dark, even though it was the middle of the day. It began to rain like a gale, and the trees bent from the gusts of wind.

At one point, I heard a loud crash and a huge conar fell right on the trunk of my car. It’s a real miracle I’m okay, but the dent was huge. The rear window also broke. I was very lucky in my misfortune. I pulled over on the side of the road, and when the first shock was over, I called the insurance company. Thanks to the help program added to the OC package in link4, I could count on towing the car to the parking lot.

The appraiser then assessed the damage. I received the compensation in due time, so I could safely repair the car with a trusted metalworker. As for link4, it made for a medal. Minimum of formality, maximum of professionalism. I didn’t even have to see an appraiser. The damage was estimated based on the photos I sent. Insurance is what I understand!

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Smart Casco is a clever savings

Mr Andrzej chose the option to protect against costs arising from the destructive force of the elements or arising in the event of an event resulting in total damage. Here’s what all the options look like:

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