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    Sharpen skills: 11 project ideas in Java

    Want as quickly as possible to learn Java? Then we recommend to pay more attention to practice! Theory itself is ineffective, and the only real coding is able to bring you to a dream career.

    To help you to quickly start high-quality practical training, we have made this collection of cool ideas in it projects which is ideal Java developers at different levels of training. So you will definitely find here something to their liking.

    Entry level

    1. “TIC TAC toe”

    Well-known and very simple game. Not only for players but for developers. To make his version, we recommend you to bind the Java Class to a GUI or to integrate it directly into the console program. The class code is divided into three sections: the functions of the player, panel, and victory conditions.

    2. The system ATM

    Create it using the Java interface of the ATM. In the process, you will need to do 5 classes: for the account of its owner, transactions, banking institutions and ATM. To get access to the services, the user must enter the ID with a pin code. After that he will be available to extract the transaction, the option to Fund and cash out your account, make transfers.

    The average level

    3. Grading system

    Develop a system of evaluation of students. It should display the score in points, which are the sum of points for tests, tests, examinations and various assignments. It is important to give users the ability to add a different number of items – as much as needed.

    All the data about the students (number, name, etc.) must be in their own box, and next to the ratings you need to show the relative rank of a student in his class.

    To create this project you will use Netbeans (or equivalent IDE) and a lot of visual components, such as JTextField, JTextArea, etc.

    4. Management system hospital

    Very relevant, especially in terms of quarantine and pandemic. This program should help doctors to make diagnoses, based on indicators entered in the system. How it looks in practice? The doctor registers a patient, indicates that their personal details height, weight, lab results, symptoms, complaints, etc. The smart system processes the information and displays the report.

    5. The word counter

    To work out the theme on strings and files program of this type – the most it. Even novice developers can implement the interface to create content with a built-in word counter. But such a simple task to make things more interesting, we offer you to add extra options like counting the number of characters excluding spaces.

    6. Pharmacy system

    Before you instructions for setting up a pharmacy with a simple GUI. It should not only show the user the key information on pharmacy, but also to allow to make changes in the product range: add, edit, delete.

    Advanced level

    7. ACCORDING to the company, which must create mailboxes employees

    Moving on to more advanced tasks. Let’s create an application that will allow you to administer e-mail accounts of employees of the company. In the process you will learn in detail the Math.random and improves skills one of the basic ideas of OOP – encapsulation.

    Your program should be able to:

    • to create an email-address in a predetermined pattern;
    • automatically identify the Department in which the employee is registered;
    • generate a random combination of characters for the password;
    • to allow the user to change the password, and the capacity of the mailbox and specify the alternate email address;
    • show basic information about the box and its owner.

    The video below will help you to realize all this.

    8. A Copy Of “Superbrute Mario”

    Surely as a child you really liked this game! Miss her? Then catch the good news: there was a clone of superbrace on the basis of the language Java from Android. It was developed using LibGDX framework, which is so popular programmers including the expense of open source code which allows you to learn game development.

    Working on its own version of the game, you better study the cycles, sprites, etc. important concepts. The result should get a game, that works perfectly on Android, iOS and other platforms.

    9. For the management of sport events

    You need to create an interface that would allow to manage sporting events: plan them, choose location, monitor players and awards.

    The right to make changes in the data should be only the administrator. As for normal users, make it so that they can view information and register for any events. The signatory must be an e-mail notification about upcoming events.

    10. The airline reservation system

    Yes, such a project is no surprise, but what prevents to make the procedure a little better? Mandatory your system should give users the opportunity to watch information about the flights, choose your seats from the available and pay for tickets online. You can add, for example, cancellation of the booking.

    11. The program for the library

    Through this project, you will be able to train skills related to the creation and maintenance of databases. This system is designed to automate the tasks that library staff are still performed manually, and store all the data about books in separate digital database.

    Functionality can be implemented either, if only it was comfortable and helpful staff and readers.

    In conclusion

    Start with the simple projects and gradually move onto more challenging. Only constant development will help you to find a good job, to remain a sought-after expert and move up the career ladder.



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