"Secret project" on Apple: Ex-hardware-in-chief Riccio directs AR Headset development

Dan Riccio begins, according to Apple, “a new Chapter” in the group – according to Bloomberg, he now leads the AR-Headset-Team. (Photo: Apple)

Apple makes, apparently, the pace of development of its AR – and VR-glasses, which will in the long term, to replace the iPhone. It has now been revealed that Apple’s former hardware-in-chief Dan Riccio has been carried out.

At the end of January 2021, Apple had announced a rare change of personnel in the top echelons of Management: The long-time Senior Vice President of Hardware Engineering, Dan Riccio, acknowledged his Post to accept a new, mysterious project. So far, it was unclear what will be his new task, a report by Apple Insider, Mark Gurman brings light into the Dark.


Apple’s Ex-hardware-in-chief is working on AR and VR goggles

The secret to Riccios new task is apparently aired: Apple’s former hardware-in-chief of the Team, the future of AR and VR goggles supervised Gurmans according to insiders developed. The project is so relevant for the group, that Riccio reports directly to Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Dan Riccio, who has been working since 1998 in the case of Apple, it was in his previous Position for the Team responsible to accelerate the process of development, now he’ll take on a full-time basis for it. On 25. In January, he said: “I am looking forward to doing what I love the most – all of my time and energy at Apple to create something New and wonderful, and I couldn’t be more pleased.”


Apple CEO Tim Cook: “AR will permeate the whole of our life”

With the appointment of Riccio, considered to be Cooks and Confidant, as a dedicated head of the AR team, suggests that Apple wants to give the development of more thrust. In addition, Bloomberg reported that the development of the first product, a Headset with AR and VR functions, problems of development. Riccios additional focus should help to overcome the obstacles.

The N301 according to The Information should look like. (Source: The Information)

The first Headset from Apple’s hardware forge is supposed to be with two 8K Displays, and more than twelve cameras are fitted to capture the environment, as well as hand movements. Conveniently, it is not: The report of The Information, according to $ 3,000, it should be-Dollar tax.


Riccios development at Apple, is similar to that of Phil Schiller

Riccio is not the first Apple Manager, who has resigned his leadership position in favor of another task with a specific focus. Only in the summer of 2020, the former marketing chief Phil Schiller announced to vacate his Post in order to devote themselves to a range of additional supervision required. Schiller care as an Apple Fellow in the App Store and public Relations, including the planning of Events and Keynotes.

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