Search of games on Steam during sales becomes easier

During big sales on Steam can be difficult to keep track of some suggestions. To make it easier to Orient in all variety of discounts, Valve has taken a number of measures.

So, during the last autumn sales, the company introduced more than ten genre and thematic pages. Page for a specific subject has led to a greater number of visits to the store than the rest, with the exception of the mesh selected games.

So for the winter sale , Valve made more thematic pages and made them smarter, so that they are displayed in order of relevance to your interests.

On each of these pages you will find many tabs with popular subgenres, themes and other marks. Sometimes there are also across game United by a common theme, including term, number of supported players, and advanced topics.

For greater accuracy, the company’s Gabe Newell (Gabe Newell) has implemented more and facet search:

Facet search allows you to transfer Steam that you want to find a fast filtering products according to various criteria, such as visual style, theme, mood, player support and more. When you select characteristics in different categories the search will operate on the principle of “And”, and in their choice within the category search works on the principle of “OR”.

For example, one selection on the page casual games winter sales at the same time shows a colorful and relaxing entertainment, and the other is colorful or cute.

Thematic pages contain not all products winter sale that meet the criteria chosen, but they represent the most popular matches discount.

As pointed out Valve, new facilities are still an experiment “Studying sales”, which is in the initial stages of development. Next year the company will expand the possibilities of faceted search, experiments in the field of effective view and functions for recommendations.

We will remind, the winter sale will last until January 5, 2021-th, 21:00 Moscow time. During the campaign, you can vote for the nominees for The Steam Awards 2020.

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