Scala wave 2017 and Bulldogjob partners. We have something to give you ! :)

Scala wave 2017 and Bulldogjob partners. We have something to give you ! :)

We are the madial patron of this year’s Scalawave (Gdańsk, 7-8. 07. 2017 ) therefore we have for you 2 tickets for free for the conference and any workshop. If you want to participate in the Ticket Draw, do two things :

1. Share this post on your FB with the caption “I want to be there”.

2. Like us on FB.

The draw will take place on Monday 26.07.2017 at 12: 00.

Scala wave 2017 is an international IT conference. The conference is organized by Scalac IT company from Gdańsk, which since its inception has been an ambassador of modern programming techniques in business, both nationally and internationally.

Scala-the key theme of the conference-is a hybrid programming language, which, thanks to the use of the functional paradigm, is becoming an increasingly used and useful tool in the service of business, as well as social challenges such as health, quality of life, security, education. The aim of the conference is to share knowledge on the practical use of the Scala language.

The use of Scala in science and business is becoming more widespread. It is a very efficient language, giving a lot of expression to programming practices. That is why the demand for Scala language specialists is definitely growing. The number of jobs for Scala language developers in 2016 alone has almost doubled. Despite this, there is still a lack of space to share knowledge and experience in the practical use of Scala, and the number of educational initiatives for the dissemination of functional programming is still insufficient. The aim of the Scala wave conference is to change this.

More about the conference here

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