Samsung wants to be in a virtual reality pioneer

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Samsung uses virtual reality unchanged on glasses for Smartphones to keep ahead of the game. “We see good opportunities to continue to be a pioneer,” said Martin Börner from Samsung Germany, the German press Agency. “There are now many single-player, which pleases us, that revitalizes the business.” Samsung believe, however, that mobile solutions will drive the market significantly.

Samsung had brought the end of 2014, its mobile VR-glasses “Gear VR” on the market. As a Display for the contents of the Smartphone, which is inserted in the glasses is used. In the meantime, there are a number of such mobile solutions from various manufacturers, until recently, Google brought its platform of “Daydream” with its own glasses at the Start.

Industry observers assume, however, that the “Playstation VR” of Sony with its own Display will be for the content of the market a significant boost. Associated with the game console, the Headset is since October on the market puts the user in virtual game environments. Computer and video games were previously thought to anyway as a key driver for the technology. Overall, applications for virtual reality were made in this year, but the breakthrough in the consumer market.

To September Samsung sold worldwide, 1.8 million piece of its Gear VR, alone, 200,000 in Germany. The market has grown this year to 280 per cent, said Börner. And the applications submitted in the meantime, far beyond the Games market. “A large part of the Demand now comes from businesses,” said Börner. For example in the car industry or the air travel there with VR applications, there is also considerable potential for savings. Lufthansa have already implemented virtual conferences during a flight, even with THE travel and tourism Samsung have a cooperation.


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