Samsung is developing an XR device for the metaverse

Samsung is developing an XR device for the metaverse

The vice president of Samsung Electronics, Han Jong-hee, has visited the MWC 2022, where he has made some statements that would confirm that his company would be working on a device with which to travel through the metaverse. It is most likely that they are AR glasses developed together with DigiLens and whose prototype would be already finished, according to several South Korean media.

I look forward to the launch of that device for the metaverse, because we are working hard on it, but first it is important to get the product to the highest possible quality standard, ” says Han Jong-hee without wanting to give any more details

Samsung has not presented any XR device at the telephony fair that is being held these days in Barcelona, only a range of laptops, tablets and smartphones, but last year images and videos of two models of AR glasses were leaked: Samsung AR Glasses and Samsung Glasses Lite.

The Lite Glasses on the left, and the AR Glasses on the right.

Also at the end of 2021 it was announced that they had invested in DigiLens, a company that wants to launch its Visualize Design v1 smart glasses, based on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon XR2. However, in the AR glasses that they would be designing together with Samsung, a Exynos-based chip, Android being its operating system.

The Korean multinational was one of the first to bet on the XR, partnering with Oculus in the launch of viewers such as Gear VR and with Microsoft for WMR-based Samsung Odyssey and Samsung Odyssey Plus.

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