Samsung Galaxy S7 im Test: this is The new Smartphone can

Samsung Galaxy S7 im Test: this is The new Smartphone can

Viewed from the outside, has not changed in the Galaxy S7 compared to previous models, the Galaxy S6, and S6 edge plus much. Most likely not, it is striking that the main camera protrudes now so strong out of the housing. A few millimeters of the lens sticks out, but this is hardly worth mentioning and definitely a noticeable improvement over the camera bump of the S6 models.

Technically, significant improvements in the camera visible. Samsung uses a new photo-sensor to enable a faster focus. In short Try, it seemed indeed as if the autofocus would work almost in real-time and targeted motifs, delay-free focus.

In a specially-made experimental set-up was to see that shooting in poor lighting significantly less noise than that of a comparison-built Galaxy S6. Possible this is because of the Sensors on the 12-Megapixel camera chip is 56 percent larger than the previous.

30% more processor performance

In addition to the camera, Samsung has renewed the processor and graphics chip. Company information according to the new processor to deliver 30 percent more power than the old model. Depending on the Region, the S7 is supplied, however, with different Chips. In the US, a Qualcomm Quad-core is intended to be installed in the processor, while in Europe a 2.3 GHZ faster eight-core Chip of Samsung Exynos series is used.

The new graphics chip Samsung gives a performance increase of 64 percent, which is mainly designed for Play. To ensure that the device is not too hot, to ensure a water-cooling.

In addition, Samsung provides, the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge with an App called Game Tool. About you, for example, that you do not want to be disturbed while playing through messages. Similarly, you can specify how much of the processor performance should be in the respective game. And you can do with the Software, for example, the Screenshots or the game happen velvet selfie video recording.

Waterproof inside and outside

Otherwise, the Galaxy S7 variants-models much of what the S6 devices could, in part, in somewhat improved. The smartphone display 5.1-inch (Galaxy S7) or 5.5-inch (Galaxy S7 edge), the Quad HD resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels.

Both devices are water and dust – tight according to the military standard IP68. The is also called as one of the reasons why, instead of a new USB-C connector, an old-fashioned Micro-USB Port is built-in. A fast-charging feature, there are, nevertheless, as well as a wireless charging function.

It is encouraging that Samsung offers the possibility to expand the memory with microSD cards, currently up to 200 GB.

Literally act the Attempts to give the abschrägten screen, edge sense. The so-called Edge UX, the user interface for Apps that use this area of the screen has been greatly expanded (see images). So multiple columns with Icons next to each other to place. This way they create something like a second Homescreen with questionable added value.

Gear 360

In addition to the two Galaxy Smartphones, the all-around camera, the Gear 360 is Samsung’s new Star. The Korean company is trying to profile itself as a pioneer in Virtual reality. With the new device, anyone 360-degree should be able to photos and Videos. Prerequisite: You need a current High-End Smartphone from Samsung.

The big advantage compared to similar devices is that the Gear 360 only requires two cameras, for example, while Google’s Project Jump 16 needed. This is a savings program that could affect the quality of the Gear 360 recordings. The two 15-Megapixel cameras are equipped with fish-eye lenses, each of which covers a field of vision of 195 degrees. At least at the first Try, the shots seemed to be distorted as a result.


“Evolution, sick of Revolution,” is the truism that comes to mind with the new Samsung Smartphones first. They look just as good as the predecessor models, exciting innovations, or even a killer feature missing but. Anyone who has a Galaxy S6, you can omit the S7.

Whether the investment in a Gear 360 is worth it, you can just clarify a detailed Test. So far, the concept is somewhat reminiscent of Sony “Bloggie”camera, which produced in 2010, using a round mirror essay Panoramic images.

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