Salaries in it-what can polish employees count on?

Salaries in it-what can polish employees count on?

The IT sector, alongside finance, is characterised by one of the highest levels of earnings in Poland. However, it turns out that the salary of Polish computer scientists is still very low compared to their colleagues from abroad, and especially from the USA.

Modern technologies play an increasing role in all areas of our activity, and this makes the demand for IT specialists constantly growing. In Poland, the ICT sector accounts for 40 billion PLN of annual turnover and more than 100 thousand. employment, which translates into 2.7% of polish GDP. Behind all this are people who often do their job perfectly and want to be adequately rewarded for it. How does it work in practice? Although not only money is important in motivating IT specialists, as we already wrote in the article what motivates you, programmer? however, this is an important factor affecting the quality of work.

Earnings IT in Poland

The top-earning specialists in Poland are representatives of the IT industry, ahead of the financial sector. The IT market is very flexible in terms of the level of remuneration. The rates for individual employees vary depending on factors such as industry, company size, form of employment, position, programming language and experience and skills. In addition, issues such as knowledge of foreign languages and even past professional successes are also important, especially for programmers.

We’ve looked at various payroll reports. prepared by well-known research companies and recruitment agencies to determine what salary IT employees can expect most often. Here are the results of our payroll investigation.

According to the “Salary Report Antal 2015”, IT specialists can most often count on the following salary:

  • Senior Project Manager – 17,000 to 28,000. PLN (additional benefits include sports card, health care, on-the-job training and additional);
  • IT Architect – 13,000 to 18,000. PLN (phone, laptop, sports card, healthcare, on-the-job training and additional);
  • Software Architect – 12,500 to 17,000. PLN (benefity JW.);
  • IT Analyst – 10,000 to 15,000. PLN (benefity JW.);
  • Project Manager – 10,000 to 15,000. PLN (sports card, health care, on-the-job training and additional);
  • IT Infrastructure Specialist – 10,000 to 12,000. PLN (phone, laptop, sports card, healthcare, on-the-job training and additional);
  • Network Administrator – 10,000 to 12,000. PLN (benefity JW.);
  • QA Analyst – 9,000 to 12,000. PLN (sports card, health care, on-the-job training and additional);
  • iOS, Android Developer – 8,000 to 14,000. PLN (benefity JW.);
  • PHP Backend Developer – 8,000 to 13,000. PLN (benefity JW.);
  • Database Administrator (MS/Oracle) – from 8 to 11 zł (phone, laptop, sports card, healthcare, on-the-job training and additional);
  • Oracle Developer – 7,500 to 14,000. PLN (sports card, health care, on-the-job training and additional);
  • C++ Developer – 7,500 to 14,000. PLN (benefity JW.);
  • Java Developer – 7,500 to 14,000. PLN (JW.);
  • .Net Developer – 7,500 to 14,000. PLN (JW.);
  • Front-end Developer – 7,000 to 12,000. PLN (JW.);
  • Junior Developer – 5,000 to 7,000. PLN (JW.).

It is also worth paying attention to the “Salary Report 2015” Sedlak & Sedlak, where we will find rates for programmers depending on their experience. Here are some examples:

  • Mobile application developer – $4,000. PLN (younger), 7,2 thousand. PLN (experienced), 9,8 thousand. PLN (older);
  • .Net Developer – 3,900. PLN (younger), 6,1 thousand. PLN (experienced), 9,1 thousand. PLN (older);
  • ERP class systems developer – 5,900. PLN (experienced), 8,7 thousand. PLN (older).

It is now worth checking which rates are most common in Europe and the United States.

How much do programmers earn in the world?

Maciej Krasowski from Binar Apps points out that Polish programmers do not concede knowledge and skills to their foreign colleagues, and are often even three times cheaper than them, although the differences are slowly leveling off. In that case, how much do IT specialists earn abroad? A very interesting comparison with the Polish rates can be found in the Sedlak & amp; Sedlak report. In our country, for example, a software engineer earns about 20.8 thousand. euro per year, which means that only Hungarians are worse paid in Europe (96% of this rate), while the most can be earned in Switzerland (449% of the Polish rate). In Germany, software engineer will receive 240% of the Polish rate, and in England-226%.

Another example is IT specialist. In Poland can count on 18,6 thousand. euro per year, ahead of only colleagues working in Slovakia. Most again you can earn in Switzerland (452% of the Polish rate). Next were England (269%) and Germany (242%). Worth a closer look Java developers – in Poland they earn about 18,5 thousand a year. euro and here we are already ahead of countries such as Spain (83% of the Polish rate), Portugal (53%) and Greece (48%). Rates in Switzerland (468%), England (241%) and the Netherlands (232%) are again unbeatable.

The earnings of developers in the United States are also interesting. According to the American agency CyberCoders, in New York Java Developer it can count (in terms of monthly rates for better comparison and on gold coins) on 30 thousand. PLN, Ruby developer he gets 30,600. PLN, Python developer – 29,600. PLN, PHP Developer – 27,900. zł, a Project Manager – 22,500. zł.

All the above data clearly show that there are still large differences in some positions in terms of earnings in Poland and in the west. It is not surprising that Polish IT specialists are so eager to find employment, also doing remote work for foreign employers. We wrote about this in the article Why programmers want to work for foreign companies?.

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