Sail with physics and realistic landscapes aboard Kayak VR: Mirage

Sail with physics and realistic landscapes aboard Kayak VR: Mirage

The navigation simulator Kayak VR it has set its release date for March 31, and would initially as a full experience, with no early access phase, although in the coming months the Better Than Life studio plans to add more content. This could be anything from new landscapes to synchronized competitive multiplayer support or even a tandem kayak mode.

This simulator draws attention for the realism of its landscapes and its representation of water, but navigating these scenarios will be more than a photorealistic exploration, an authentic kayak trip based on physics so that we feel that we are really sailing. There will be two basic modalities, one free for us to make quiet excursions and another for races against the clock.

At the moment there will be no levels with whitewater, due to the complexity of realistically simulating the physics involved maintaining fluidity and without the player getting dizzy, although perhaps later you can include some area with more intense and fast currents, or different types of rivers.

Each environment will be set with a soundtrack according to the landscape and gameplay. Kayak VR it will have support for DLSS 2.1 technology of Nvidia RTX graphics and will be compatible with all PC viewers, however, users who do not use systems with external tracking, such as WMR or Quest, will have to be careful not to throw their arms far back paddling so that the cameras do not lose sight of the controls.

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