Safe driving pays off! Checkout returns in LINK4

Safe driving pays off! Checkout returns in LINK4

The money comes back, but how?

LINK4 cashback promotion is aimed at all drivers who want to take on the challenge of safe travel.

Link4 is a pioneer of such a solution in Poland.  For the first time, we can save specific money by driving safely. The rules are simple: the insurer will pay us a premium for each month of safe driving. All you have to do is run NaviExpert’s free car navigation with link4 on your phone while driving.the money comes back, drive smoothly and stick to the speed limits, and the money itself goes back into the driver’s pocket. The annual premium can be up to 30% of the value of the insurance premium paid. To date, a total of nearly 3.5 million zlotys have already been paid to drivers!

Klaudyna (30 l.) from Braniewo tells about the benefits of her participation in the Kasa Wraca promotion:

When in 2020 I changed the insurer, the agent mentioned an interesting promotion available in link4 cash returns. Every time I drove the prescribed kilometer in my account was supposed to collect money. The offer of the OC with the assistance program was unbeatable anyway, so I decided to buy the policy right there. And that I like challenges, the more willingly I joined the promotion.

Anyway, the first thing I gained at the start was the free naviexpert navigation, which had to be installed on my mobile. It works so that when I drive a car with navigation enabled on my phone, the app checks my driving style. In addition, the app periodically shows how much I have already saved. It is enough that in a month I will drive a minimum of 200 kilometers (including min. 5 days after 10 km), during which navigation assesses my driving style. What I liked the most was that I could keep track of the partial results and the amount of savings in my account on a regular basis-after each month-in the app.

I remember how pleased I was when, at the end of the Insurance year, almost PLN 200 was deposited into my account. It’s really paying off! I also noticed that by driving smoothly, I saved not only on cashback and fuel, but also on parts. The pads and brake discs were enough for us for longer. And, of course, zero fines in the account, and now after the increases in the latest tariff is not unimportant for the wallet. There was nothing to think about-extending the OC in link4, I once again took part in the promotion cash returns. And I’m going to improve on last year’s result by driving even safer!

What do we gain?

With this promotion, the driver gains both savings and convenience! Link4 offers its customers free navigation of the renowned company NaviExpert (worth 99 PLN), which will accurately lead us to the destination. This is an indispensable support during the trip, allowing you to avoid traffic jams and inform in advance about dangerous places on the road. It contains up-to-date maps of the whole of Poland, and in addition, if we drive according to the rules, we can only earn, because each safely traveled kilometer is a percentage. On the client’s account, gold coins are collected, which the insurer returns to him once after the expiration of the annual settlement period.

What if we violate traffic laws?

Link4 does not share this information with the police or other insurance companies. If customers are found to be in breach of the road rules, they will not pay a higher insurance premium-they will simply not receive a reward. The program rewards safe drivers, while not punishing those who prefer a more dynamic driving style.

What are the criteria used to assess a driver’s driving style?

When assessing the driving style of the driver, the application takes into account several factors: speeding (the number of overruns over a given distance in built and non-built terrain), the number of sudden accelerations and brakes, as well as their strength, duration and frequency, and the average distance traveled during the day and night.

Where and how can I buy insurance with a cash back promotion?

LINK4 communication insurance, supported by modern telematics solutions, is available from insurance agents, by phone (22) 444 44 44 and via the website

Simply buy the OC policy or OC/AC package from link4 and confirm your participation in the promotion (during a conversation with a consultant, agent or in the web form), and then install the NaviExpert navigation you received for free on your phone. From now on, just getting into the car, we will turn on the application. In each month of the policy, you must drive with the min application enabled. 200 km. In total, there must be at least 5 days in which we will pass min. 10 km. Each of the 11 months analyzed during the year is settled separately by the insurer, and the return of the premium (that is, the sum of the monthly premiums) will be paid after the end of the policy.

The article was created in cooperation with the PZU group.

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