Russian cows to thanks to VR goggles to give more milk

Experts are already speculating on a significantly increasing milk production: Virtual Reality glasses (VR) to cows in Russia-are you browsed in the Winter on a lush green Meadow. A prototype of the glasses was already tested in a farm near the Russian capital, informed the Ministry of agriculture of the Moscow region.

VR-glasses to create a very realistic all-round image. So, for example, to simulate, to fly like a bird, or to be a part of a computer game. Police officers and firefighters prepare themselves with the technology for possible emergencies, and terrorist attacks.

Peaceful Cows

The glasses from the current Experiment are studied in the head-form of the cows adjusted. First Tests have already shown success. The cows felt less afraid, and the herd was overall peaceful. A large-scale study should clarify whether they give more milk. According to the Ministry of unprecedented results in milk production can be achieved.

Russia has been investing for a few years in the domestic dairy industry, because, since the sanctions on the various EU food, the supply of dairy products is broke. The country should be able to keep up with new innovative methods in the international market, according to the Ministry. Some Russian companies are already relying on classical music in order to stimulate milk production in cows.

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