Rone flies to virtual reality to leave the city

Rone flies to virtual reality to leave the city

VIDEO – The electro artist was able to invest an empty terminal of the Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle airport, for the needs of a video live filmed by the Blogothèque.

The plane can be a way to get away from urban areas, to go to other more exotic lands, territories of experiences. Invited by the Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle airport and filmed by the Blogothèque team, the French electro artist Rone took comfort one night in April in hall K of terminal 2E, completely empty. In this long corridor, he performed Quitter la ville (from his album Creatures released in February) with François Marry (from François and The Atlas Mountain) and cellist Gaspar Claus.

The Aéroports de Paris group hosted a musical project for the first time. The result, online since Tuesday, gives even more meaning to Leave the city, piece in mind definitely adventurer and explorer. Because in addition to the classic version – a long and sublime traveling – a virtual reality version was also filmed with the help of Okio Studio. Used for the first time in a music video of this magnitude, this technology brings new sensations to viewers. Before the whole world of music took over, Rone was one of the first artists to benefit from it. “In a year, everyone will do it,” says Colin Solal Cardo, director of the video, aware of the progress made.

Gathered for the preview of the clip, a week before its official release, some guests were able to experience the virtual reality viewing at the headquarters of the Aéroports de Paris group, in the company of the teams of the InFiné label, the Blogothèque and Okio Studio. After a screening of the classic version of the clip, everyone had to put on their nose one of the virtual reality headsets (still in development, before a commercialization in the fall). A way to immerse yourself completely, at 360°, in the universe of this atypical live. Hidden details were to be found, it had been warned. So everyone shook their heads from right to left to discover what could be hidden in every corner.

“Just as we were finishing, the first passengers would arrive and the planes would start taking off again. It was unreal. »


The result, still simple, gives an idea of the possibilities to come for filming. For the Blogothèque, it is a beautiful technical double, after having been able to realize in 2013 a shooting with a drone in the grounds of the Palace of Versailles with the Phoenix group, which played at home. Rone, a former film student who has been “fascinated by the association between images and sound” since his early days, considers himself happy to have been one of the first artists to experiment with this new technique. “Initially, I was not immediately excited by the concept of virtual reality, the interest of which I did not understand too much. Then they put a helmet over my eyes. And I had a big slap,” he says, a wide smile on his lips revealing his teeth of happiness. Still as affable, he is the last to finally put on the helmet to discover his video in virtual reality.

He is not ready to forget the experience. On the one hand because it makes him want to go further and further in his research on binaural sound, the equivalent of a “3D sound”. What he will experience more on his next EP, currently in preparation. But above all, what he remembers is also having had the chance to be the first musician chosen to invest one of the spaces of the Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle Airport, which has been developing its cultural partnerships since 2012 and is now opening up to music. “The terminal was closed to the public, but we all had to go through the security gate. The space was impressive, we stayed there all night, until 7am. By the time we finished, the first passengers were arriving and the planes were starting to take off again. It was unreal,” he says, his eyes still amazed behind his round glasses.

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