Robots Boston Dynamics now still dancing
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    Robots Boston Dynamics now still dancing

    The robots Boston Dynamics has opened a new talent: they are able not only to run, do backflips and somersaults, to do parkour, open the doors and wash the dishes, but also to light on the dance floor, tells The Verge.

    In a new video of a humanoid Atlas robot, robodog Spot and prizerebel-loader Handle simultaneously doing the dance moves to the song The Contours “Do You Love Me” which was played in the soundtrack to the film “Dirty dancing.” And doing this, just getting into the rhythm.

    Two years ago, the developers from Boston Dynamics released a video Spot which performed the “dance of the running man” under the cover of the song Uptown Funk.

    In the latest clip moves at a much higher level, notes the Verge. Also on site there were Atlas, which smoothly rotates around its own axis, jumping, sliding, and performs PA. This is great progress compared with the year 2016, when the robot’s movements were more jerky and “angular”.



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