Review Gamescom: all the news about VR games
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    • Review Gamescom: all the news about VR games

    Review Gamescom: all the news about VR games

    Review Gamescom: all the news about VR games

    At the start of Gamescom, immediately there was some news from the world of VR gaming.


    Medal of Honor VR — new trailers, and release of the VR platform


    The first-person shooter from Apex Legends and Titanfall is in development at least 2017. Good news: the wait will soon be over, because Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond will be released in late December 2020 (Catholic Christmas).


    The VR game based on the origins of the game series. You play the role of a special agent of the allied forces and fight the Nazis at various stages and fronts of the Second world war, and then take part in spectacular acts of sabotage with the French resistance.


    Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond — this is the full game: it offers single-player campaign, divided into three acts, “multiplayer modes”, “a dozen levels of” and interviews with veterans.


    “A medal” in VR comes out for the platform Rift. Therefore, users of the Oculus Quest need a PC and Oculus Link to experience Medal of Honor VR.






    Sam & Max VR — announcement and first trailer


    Studio Happy Giant carries the well-known comic characters and the main heroes adventure games of the early 1990-ies in virtual reality.


    According to the first trailer, VR-gamers expect the typical humor of Sam & Max, but the video reveals little about the game mechanics and puzzles. We only know one thing: users of virtual reality join the game and support the Freelance Police detectives in their work.


    Comic book Creator Steve Purcell involved in the development and ensures the authenticity from the point of view of game design, creating characters and stories.


    Sam & Max: This Time It’s Virtual will be released in 2021. It is unknown which points VR.




    Star Wars: Squadrons trailer story campaign


    Star Wars: Squadrons offers a true single player campaign in addition to focusing on the network space battles. You alternately play the role of a pilot of the New Republic and the Empire into the conflict on both sides.


    New trailer published at the beginning of Gamescom, showing some of the campaign and, in particular, the mission of the Empire.


    VR mode was developed in parallel with the 2D version. Thus, the virtual reality fans can expect the full realization of the virtual reality, including immersive mode in hardcore, where all the digital auxiliary system is disabled, and you will have to navigate in space using displays in the cockpit.


    Star Wars: Squadrons will be released on October 2 for PC and consoles and the points PC and PlayStation VR VR-enabled cross-game.




    Echo VR for the Oculus Quest — official launch


    VR Echo is in open beta testing since early may. Now everything is ready: the game is officially launched on August 27, 2020.


    Game VR available for free at the Quest Store and it supports cross – play with the Oculus Rift (S).


    Update run primarily improves social function and provides additional protection from persecution. Now players can meet and get to know each other in four moderated lobby : “Playground” for all types of players, for competitive players to casual players and for fans of Echo Combat. Echo Combat is currently available only for Rift.


    More detailed information about the extensive updating of the launcher is available on Medium.




    The horror film “Wraith: The Oblivion Afterlife” — first trailer, release and VR platforms


    The afterlife is based on the RPG universe of World of Darkness, which is the template for many of the live role-playing games and the computer game Vampire: The Masquerade.


    The action takes place in the estate of Barclay, where the player who plays the recently deceased, is terrifying ghosts. Stealth plays an important role when the player hiding from enemies in the cupboards and trying to sneak by. Due to the special abilities you can walk through walls, move objects at a distance and communicate with the spirit world.


    Afterlife is the first horror game from VR-Studio Fast Travel Games (Apex Construct, Budget Cuts 2, The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets). The Studio has released a trailer mixed reality showing the first game scene.


    Fast Travel Games also announced that the game will be released in early 2021 Quest for Oculus, VR glasses for PC and Playstation VR. The title supports cross-buy in the Oculus store.




    Pistol Whip — the largest free update to date


    Developers publish “Trilogy Heartbreaker” for music shooter, which presents three new scenes at three levels of difficulty, two new fashion three new models, weapons, achievements and many improvements.


    Full magazine patches can be found in the news section on Steam. Initially, the update will appear for glasses Oculus Quest and PC VR. Players PSVR will receive the content later.







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