Retraining-is it possible?

Retraining-is it possible?

Programmers ‘ salaries tempt many people. Therefore, some decide to retrain. It often happens that a person after studying technical, humanities or natural sciences, decides to find “computer science” in himself and begins either studies or learns some programming language. Is it possible to achieve the desired results? Let’s check it out.

The demand for new specialists is constantly growing in the IT labor market. There is nothing to hide-there are still not enough of them. Job offers, which include high salaries, a cool place to work, chillout rooms, massages and many, many other benefits, make the interest in the software industry grow faster and faster.

People who have completed non-computer courses are often unable to find work in their profession or their monthly salaries do not meet their needs. For some time there has been a myth of a programmer who earns-say-10 thousand per hand, sits at the computer, cutting a pizza, enters a few codes, then looks at the excavation, and then plays “in a free moment at work” in the hero.

Many people fall for this absurd stereotype and think, ” oh! That’s what I want!”. The truth is that the work of a programmer is not so full of roses – it is continuous learning in a rapidly changing environment and technologies. And the above myth may have some grain of truth in it-it did not come out of nowhere. However, it happens very rarely and to implement it in life can afford for sure only more experienced” eaters ” and not beginners juniors.

The work of the programmer does not end after eight hours. Often employed professionals have to work overtime or learn new things on their own at home, neglecting the family or giving up some entertainment.

Features of a good programmer

Not everyone is suitable for programming. It is not necessary to believe in another myth: I can become who I want, because it is not true. To become an IT specialist, you need to have the following qualities and skills that will be useful for learning.

Analytical mind

To work on coding, you need algorithmic thinking: what to do, step by step, to reach the goal.


Learning programming is based on trial and error, and for a beginner things to learn is really very much. Therefore, it is worth not to be discouraged after a few months of work. In addition, programming is a continuous improvement of their skills and tedious work, which often requires the cooperation of other programmers.


“How does it work?””Can it be improved?”These are questions that are often asked by promising developers.

Ability to abstract thinking

The ability to see the relationship between multiple objects is essential for the future developer.

Knowledge of English

This is a necessary condition. Or at least a passive knowledge of English. Most courses, tutorials, books, as well as documentation, are written in this language.

From our previous observations, we know that lawyers, philosophers, chemists, chess players and people after music schools are excellent programmers.

What’s next?

There are several paths to follow. In addition to studies, which will be very time-consuming, you can enroll in a programming course (for some time there are a lot of schools/courses) or learn by yourself, necessarily under the supervision of a mentor. Each solution has its pluses and minuses, and all that unites these possibilities is, first of all, self-study after hours and determination.

While learning, you should realize that programming is primarily a language. Learn syntax and semantics. Therefore, if you know any foreign languages, you will probably learn programming more easily.

How to learn?

The Internet is full tutorials for learning programming… in English. It is worth looking at MOOC, Edx, Coursera portals. There are many lectures, programming tasks that are checked automatically or by other participants of the course ‒ which is a plus, because you can help each other and share your experiences.

Bulldogjob also has many training for novice programmers. Both remote and stationary. There are many technologies, languages and career paths to choose from.

It can also be useful book series Helion head first. Move your head, which can be a good addition for those people who have absolutely no previous contact with computer science.

What language should I start with?

Here the opinions are divided. Some believe that there is no difference, and others that it is best to start with … the simplest-and here we do not have a clear answer. According to blogger namiekko, python is a forward-looking, fast-learning programming language. In the article by Mariusz dembiński, you can find out that Ruby, however, is quite simple, because “its syntax is designed to make it easier to work with code”. The author also mentions C++, C # and Java, whose principles of working with code are quite similar, so understanding one system allows you to master the next.

The best idea would be to check the job offers that are in your area, and then find the most popular language and … to learn 🙂

What mistakes should be avoided during the retraining process?

That’s for sure. you shouldn’t. do during a career change if you want to start well:

  • Use of documentation in Polish
  • Learning to program with just a book
  • Unscheduled learning

Perhaps the last point is obvious, but usually the lack of organization leads to the abandonment of learning. Unfortunately, when learning on your own, you need to plan your time well and divide the learning stages. This way you will achieve your goal faster.

How to start working as a freshly baked programmer?

You have to accept the fact that you have no experience and you’re a rookie.. Some companies do not want to hire beginners at all, because they do not have time for this. However, there are a large number of employers who they’ll take you with open arms.. They will take the time to train and match your skills to their needs. You can find information about these types of companies in this article.

During a recruitment interview, you should be honest and not make up-because in this industry it is inexcusable. If you are not very confident in your skills and want to get started, I encourage you to try your hand as a software tester.

Good luck!

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