"Resident Evil VII: Biohazard" from Capcom in the Test: The Horror returns

A secluded house deep in the woods, doors that open the creaking sounds of beings that are not visible. In the fridge guts stack up in the microwave for a dead crow is. “Resident Evil VII: Biohazard” makes clear early on, where is the journey: back to the beginnings of horror.

“Resident Evil VII: Biohazard” is only on the paper of the seventh part of the now twenty-year-old series. In addition to the main parts are there only for Fans manageable number of offshoots of the series, which has dominated in the nineties, the concept of Survival Horror.

Not the Defeat of all enemies is the goal, but to Survive in a world that there are only very few ways in which one mourns the passing of each spent bullet or a medicinal plant for a long, in which each encounter with an enemy that may mean.

Back to the roots

In the meantime, has changed the series again and again out of alignment. With the fourth part of it was action-heavy – up to the sixth part of the series, which includes the full force of all the Action genre at the same time and was a crude Mix of everything that is sold is supposedly good.

With “Biohazard” will the manufacturer Capcom’s return to the roots. Clearly, the power of the subtitle, finally, the series is running in Japan since its beginning, it is under this name. And so, the game is limited, as in the first part of a related scene, in which the doors open, and new rooms, new enemies, reveal, and in the conclusion of a further two almost contradictory areas are involved. Compact and far at the same time: in the centre an old mansion in the swamps of Louisiana, muggy, swampy and dark.

Here it takes Ethan Winter, in search of his wife Mia. There he will find a typical Redneck horror movie families, the battles, sweating with bad teeth, and dirty clothes on harmless people. So something else is clear: the New Horror will not be invented here.

“Resident Evil VII” is working with well-known Patterns and clichés. In troubled times, of course, something very Soothing, but you have to wonder why it is actually always the same figures, the creeps have to be. And whether or not it is time to swap the Standard sub-layer of the monster against the true horror characters in the world.

But the concept works very effectively. Also, because the game for the first Time in the series will be played from a first-person perspective. So many shock moments are even close, the battles are more intense. Nasty scenes are even worse. In addition, the first-person perspective has another reason: it allows that “Resident Evil VII” is the first of a long game that can be completely in Virtual Reality played. At least if one Version uses the Playstation 4 and PSVR glasses has.

Problem-free changing in virtual reality

This sounds at first glance exciting, but soon sobering. The VR mode gives fast headache – but this need not be the same for all players. Just the Option to turn on per Controller, as it is with the head, again and again leads to an upset stomach and soon the glasses off.

Fortunately, the change is the ease with which even in the middle of the game. Again and again you can go back in the VR world, and in a few moments of Shock delight. However, soon also is very clear that game developers can learn in VR is still very much the. Even if the images are already tuned to prima on the new technology: The Tell will also need to change.

Although is kidnapped outstanding in a strange world, but just as quickly it is pulled away from her again, if the game is broken, the Illusion of Immersion is suspended. You can, for example, someone in a clogged toilet grab, it is clear that this is pretty disgusting. “Resident Evil VII,” but can be a voice say the exact same thing, what should I as a player think.

In addition, the game protagonists wheezing and cough, but makes clear that it is in a foreign body. Or: That one is not in the body, you think you’ve seen nothing, if you want to look down at himself. In dramatic scenes the arms and legs are suddenly visible. Despite all the criticism, the game shows that VR is still very much possible.

Conclusion: an Important step for the series

“Resident Evil VII: Biohazard” not reinventing the Genre, but is an important step for the series. The game, yet this is the Horror, the Horror, has looked at the long-term competitors to “Silent Hill” again, takes the “Amnesia”games as a model and also “Condemned” or “F. E. A. R.” and assembles them in the global narrative of the series.

It operates Fanservice, when medicinal herbs are standing around, a single shooting are scattered powder pile and the backpack is such that he is always a little too small. “Resident Evil VII” is a game that is fun but, alas, this is not the full potential of its uses, what to give him the environment and technology.

Played on PS4 Pro

“Resident Evil VII: Biohazard” by Capcom for Playstation 4 (PSVR), Xbox One, and PC, starting at 45 euros; USK: Ab 18 years of age

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