Replaced tin foil hat, AI controls a military airplane. Techdigest

Найдена замена шапочке из фольги, AI управляет военным самолетом. Техдайджест

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AI for the first time ruled by a military plane

December 15, 2020 — the day of the “algorithmic war” in the air. PopMech in an exclusive article writes about the first successful test of an AI pilot in a military aircraft. This legendary scout U-2. In the same over the USSR in 1960 brought down the American, Francis powers.

AI-pilot — ARTUµ algorithm created on the basis of the program which learns to play chess or go without knowing the rules. Separately touching syllable of the article, where rich used the mythology of Star wars, and ARTUµ constantly compared with R2-D2, who helped to pilot the X-Wing.

What else is Interesting

  • For the current test was probably the more important case of Lokheed U-2: when Charles Maltsby in 1962 did not get Soviet MiGs: he burned the engines, soaring so high into the stratosphere that planning flew out of the airspace of the Union. So the AI was a reliable insurance to “drop” the U-2 difficult.
  • Coming in 2020: Facebook develops algorithm that will read the articles and make them pressed. [voice of C-3PO] the Digest will not need, I am so fired.

Batteries punched bottom (gas tank)

Bloomberg NEF officially fixed the price of lithium-ion battery Assembly at a level below $100 per kilowatt-hour. It is believed that at this boundary the electric vehicles become comparable in price to petrol cars and the engine begins to die.

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There is a caveat: the deal for the purchase of electric buses in China. Average market price is a third more. According to calculations by Bloomberg, the level of $100 will be held in 2023. And now you can’t stop progress even possible rise in prices for cobalt and other scarce materials.

Silent death

  • The so-called electric vehicle detractors. But when customers vote with their pocketbooks, the problems of pedestrians with headphones fade into the background. In Germany in November, registered a record growth in sales of electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids. In the lead — relatively affordable Renault Zoe Hyundai and Kona, as well as a brand new Volkswagen ID3. Tesla Model 3 — only in seventh place.
  • In Japan, serious scientists succeeded in creating a promising competitor, the sodium-ion battery. In contrast to the cobalt needed for rechargeable Li-ion batteries, sodium on Earth is quite enough even for a million Ilonov of Moscow, and mining it much easier than lithium.
  • The engine, of course, is not giving up without a fight. Presented the Hennessey Venom F5 hypercar engine 1817 L. C. for $2.1 million. Maybe someday he will stand in the Museum next to the most elegant and powerful locomotive as a symbol of the ultimate progress of technology.

Hennessey Venom F5

The results of the year, which does not end

How to summarize 2020 to cry? Of course, looking to the future.

  • Time has compiled a list of the 100 best inventions 2020. For me, the biggest impression was made by the application TrialJectory. It with AI analyzes applications for clinical trials and seeking among cancer patients those on whom it would be possible to test promising methods of treatment. Sometimes save absolutely hopeless, and it is a miracle.
  • In the category Entertainment top the Xbox and PS5. But it’s funny that in the first month of sales both of these consoles Nintendo bypassed the Switch. By the way, now it is possible to play the main hit of the year Among Us.
  • Engadget made up from two lists: top winners and losers, and The Verge expressed the main idea is even simpler: the year was filthy, and gadgets — excellent.

In one sentence

  • If you’ve got, there is a suitable replacement for tin foil hat: cloth with special impregnation blocks 99.9% of electromagnetic radiation.

  • Hyundai bought Boston Dynamics — manufacturer of the most clever in the world of robots.
  • Boring Company Elon musk wants to take the monorail company’s bankruptcy in Las Vegas and to move the city in a system of tunnels.
  • The tiny island nation has declared war on the “digital colonization” and intends to win your own second level domain: the favored sex
  • Hosted the first world championship of quantum chess: is there a stream on Twitch, and here’s an article about the game on Ars Technica.

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