Reliable partner, simple rules package OC / AC LINK4

Reliable partner, simple rules package OC / AC LINK4

It is worth betting on a stable, proven partner with Polish capital. The range of insurance products offered by link4 is rich and at the same time transparent and user-oriented. The friendly approach and expert advice, as well as the efficiency of this insurer’s activities, are clearly evidenced by the satisfied customer relations, as well as the award of LINK4 TU sa top brand customer Laureus 2022 in the segment of direct communication insurance and the award of the Golden customer Laureus in the segment of quality of service to individual customers.

What is the OC / AC package?

Buying the OC / AC package at link4, we are equipped with two popular types of insurance. The first of these is the OC-a compulsory policy for all cars driving on Polish roads. It protects us from the financial consequences of damage caused to third parties and their vehicle. In addition, for the absence of the current OC policy, with only a 14-day delay, the driver of a passenger car is currently facing a penalty of up to 6020 PLN. In other words, the OC protects us from the risk of incurring huge costs in the event of damage to others, while ensuring the fulfillment of our legal obligation.

Autocasco, or AC is an optional insurance, but it is worth taking care of. The OC itself doesn’t protect our car. In return, it provides protection in the event that we cause harm to third parties. By purchasing the OC/AC package at link4, we are acquiring two extremely popular types of insurance. The OC is mandatory and protects the victims of our actions, but the AC protects vehicle owners from the consequences of costly repairs to their own car in the event of damage that may result from an accident or collision caused by our fault.

It can also be a financial security in case of car theft. How to choose the best option? It is worthwhile to look at the scope of the proposed insurance and consciously make a decision about choosing an insurer. When choosing AC insurance in link4, we include the policy in the all risk formula, which means that our vehicle is protected in the event of any events (except those specifically indicated in the OWU).

Straight, I mean fair

What is very important in link4 insurance policies are extremely simple and transparent. We are not talking about the so-called small print. The client has full information about the scope of insurance, as well as about his rights. – Clear, transparent policy rules in link4 are the basis of our action. At link4, we focus on simplicity because it makes the customer trust us and stay with us for years, ” says Marek Baran, director of corporate communications at link4.

AC in detail

AC can have a different range, on which the amount of the contribution also depends. It is the driver himself who decides which policy he chooses. In link4 there is a car theft and accident autocasco.

Due to the damage repair method LINK4 also offers two insurance options:

● Workshop-repair of the car in the selected workshop, including ASO (Authorized Service Stations) with the use of original parts and billing on the basis of invoices;
● Cost estimate-based on the appraisal of the damage made by the appraiser, the owner of the vehicle receives compensation and repairs the car on his own.

OC / AC in link4-how does it work?

Mr. Ryszard (64) from Poznań told us about how the OC/AC policy works in link4: for many years I did not pay more attention to where I buy insurance. I went to the agency and told them to be as cheap as possible. And unfortunately, I managed to “ride” on it a couple of times. Due to various bureaucratic tricks I was not paid due compensation, in turn, other times I was so” crawled ” through paperwork and running from one to the other that I had enough of it.

My daughter has long urged me to change the insurer, but I treated her words rather condescendingly, saying that she is young and does not know herself … when I have already matured to this decision (paradoxically!) – laughs P. Ryszard-I thought that I would listen to her and maybe actually buy a policy in link4, which she so praised. At first I was afraid that the way to buy can be quite complicated, but it turned out to be the easiest in the world and it’s on the internet, without leaving home! This calculator of theirs is a capital thing. I immediately decided on the OC / AC package, which was a real shot in the arm.

Bad luck meant that less than a month after the change of insurer I had an accident. I was returning from a friend’s house in chodzież. Behind the giant manure, I slipped on one of the turns and hit a roadside signpost. The impact momentum was not great, because I drove carefully, but it was enough to “erase” the left door. Also my knee could not stand and-as it turned out later-I tore ligaments.

Still at the scene I called link4, they got me roadside assistance and took the car to the workshop. I repaired the car as part of the AC, and the compensation came so quickly that I did not have to choose between repairing the car and additional, quite expensive rehabilitation, which was recommended by doctors. Everything was done very smoothly and on simple principles. And yet the daughter was right!

How to buy a policy in link4?

Nothing simpler! On the website there is an intuitive calculator that will guide the user through the different insurance options and in 60 seconds calculate the total policy. Professional consultants can also help, with whom we can talk by calling 22 4444444. Another possibility is a face-to-face meeting with an agent. More information, including all limits and restrictions, can be found in the OWU on the site AC insurance in link4 available only in the package with OC.

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