Release Firmament is delayed, but the project expands

Release Firmament is delayed, but the project expands

Bad news for those who hoped to play in the Firmament from Cyan World to the scheduled date of release indicated in the Kickstarter campaign (in other words: this month); the game probably won’t be released for another two years.


In April 2019 Cyan raised $ 1 433 161 for its ambitious new adventure game, and the developer is assessed the date of its publication in July 2020. But as you know those who followed the updates , this goal was slowly reversing over the last 15 months.


“Despite the fact that there is no release date,” explains the developer, “we can tell you a few things with a certain level confidence: Firmament will be released in 2020. and hardly Firmament will appear in 2021”.




But it’s not just a delay, because game development takes longer than expected. Cyan is actually very significantly expanded project as long as he completed the campaign of crowdfunding.


“At the end of summer 2019, the team made a sharp call to make another step in the overall story and gameplay of”, — stated in the message. “You can read more about why we did it in the update Eric, Update #23, but the fact that we wanted to build a more rich world, new types of gameplay and a great storyline”.


Most of the “nepovadno” aesthetic is still there, but the developer promises a much deeper game. The only problem is that this new vision for Firmament is only at the very early stages of development.


“We understand how disappointing is this response, as this may be for some of you, but we firmly adhere to the idea that it is better not to take the commitment to set a date until we’re confident enough that we can fulfill the promise and complete the game, which we can be proud of,” wrote Cyan.


Probably be a long time before we again hear from the Firmament. But, on the other hand, at least it probably means that we will have a chance to play it on the best VR headsets. At the moment, the game is designed for PC VR devices and PSVR on PS4.



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