Quake VR Mod gets a big update

Quake VR Mod gets a big update

Update fantastic fashion Quake VR from Vittorio Romeo added many new features, including support for multiplayer games, finger tracking, custom maps and much more.

New content is part of the update v0.0.5, which is available now. The biggest addition today is a support for multiplayer that allows you to play against other players Quake VR with optional support for bots. The second official expansion pack for Quake — Dissolution of Eternity — is also now supported.

Users Valve Index will also be pleased to hear that the mod built tracking the fingers that allows you to do all sorts of different (including rude) gestures. There is also now support custom maps via the game menu and many other minor changes in the quality of the game.

For beginners have been added learning card, including a range of weapons, which you may wish to try before heading in single or multiplayer game.

You can watch game footage of all these functions in the trailer above. This update was released after v0.0.4, which is added to the system in the style of Gravity Glove, which allows you to pull subjects in the arm from afar, like in Half-Life: Alyx.

Update v0.0.5 available for download for the PC VR VR Quake site, however, to use the mod, you’ll need your own copy of Quake. To read the full patch notes for v0.0.5, look on the mod’s page on GitHub.

Update fashion Quake VR adds gravity gloves in the style of Half-Life: Alyx

Excellent mod for Quake Vittorio Romeo VR — one of the first games that received direct inspiration from the recent launch of Half-Life: Alyx.

Appeared in the update v0.0.4, which is already out, the system is in the style of gravity glove that allows you to lend a hand to select items to swing your wrist back and catch them in your hand. Judging from the appearance of the system shown in the trailer below, it works the same way as in Alyx.

Of course, it’s not all the update 0.0.4. The developer has also added support for the mode with dual weapons so you can hack the thugs to two items melee or aim at two enemies with firearms. Plus weapons and items can now be thrown at opponents when they’re no longer needed. More powerful additions to your Arsenal, such as rifles and shotguns, however, it is now possible to compress two hands, not one.

The other place now has a grappling hook to slip through the levels, new weapons to use, and, very importantly, support of the first mission pack for Quake, Scourge of Armagon. So even if you have already gone through the entire original game, there’s a reason to come back here.

Finally, a note about the convenience, the developer added the locomotion of teleportation, which should make things a little more acceptable to more prone to sickness among gamers.

You can download the mod here, although you will need Quake myself to enjoy the mod.

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