Programming is fascinating. Why?

Programming is fascinating. Why?

If you asked a programmer why he is coding and what fascinates him about it, probably everyone would give a different answer. For one, programming is an intrusion into a mysterious world with which he had not previously encountered, for another, the natural course of things was to move from a fascination with computer games to check how the program is built and what makes it work. Yet another programmer will argue that he heard the cry of coder’s blood and fell into the clutches of programming languages and new technologies. Whatever the reason, one thing is certain: programming fascinates. Why? Internet forums proved to be an invaluable source of knowledge on this topic. On their basis, we were able to establish several factors of fascination with coding. Well, some turned out to be very mundane, others … anyway, read for yourself. Why is programming fascinating?

1. Allows you to earn a lot

Even if we wanted to, we can’t get away from the money question. One way or another, this is an important factor affecting job satisfaction. The amount of earnings as an important aspect is not only often mentioned on internet forums, but also in various studies on the work of a programmer. Let’s not kid ourselves, many coders are fascinated by programming also because it allows you to earn well in comparison with other professions. Is that a bad thing?

2. Gives you the joy of creating

Programmers are usually very creative people. Programming allows them to create, colloquially writing, something out of nothing. This joy of creating, of calling into existence is also an important aspect of coding. Agree, often the work of a programmer resembles a tedious craft, but not only. If not everyone, then at least most coders at least once in their lives experienced a moment in which they felt great pride and satisfaction that they had created something very functional, and maybe even unique.

3. Makes you feel special

Despite various negative stereotypes, programmers are often perceived as high-class specialists, as people familiar with issues that for most people are a complete mystery. Since many people have no idea about programming, or about various aspects and technologies related to it, they think that coders are almost superhumans who also make good money. This perception by others makes you feel special. Even if in reality the work of a programmer looks a little different than the average Kowalski suspects.

4. Provides work

Coding also fascinates through the stability of this profession. The ability to program often opens up many career opportunities and usually allows you to get a good job. A large shortage of coding specialists both in Poland and in the world means that most programmers are not looking for a job. Work finds them. Recruiters are hammering at the door of coders, bombarding their e-mailboxes with job offers.

5. Allows you to stay in a warm room

On the internet forums are also active programmers who convince that programming fascinates them also because it allows you to work in … a warm room. When you think about it, it makes a lot of sense. Try eight hours or more, swinging a shovel in the cold. It is easy to guess that this is not a pleasant occupation.

6. Motivates for continuous development

For some people, programming is an effective motivation for continuous self-development, learning new issues and technologies, to explore knowledge. In other circumstances, many of these coders would not be willing to go to such a great effort as learning, in addition, continuous. Because of this coding fascinates them, through its work they discover in themselves forces and skills that they did not suspect themselves.

7. Is a sedentary job

This is another of the very mundane fascinations of programming. Agree, in the long term, sitting work can be as tiring as standing, and in addition adversely affect the human body. So what? Try to stand for 8 hours at work. You’ll see what’s going on. Besides, the one who is sitting can also get up at least for a while. Usually everyone strives to be comfortable. Why would a programmer be different in this respect? Programming provides him with a sitting position, and this is very convenient. Comfort also fascinates. In your own way.

8. Allows you to work from anywhere

Can programming also be fascinating because of the flexibility of this activity? Absolutely. Coding sometimes gives you a sense of freedom, makes you realize that you can do more than other professions. An example is the ability to work from anywhere in the world. Just a laptop and internet access. More and more young programmers are traveling around the world, simultaneously implementing various projects remotely.

9. Enables participation in ambitious projects

In addition to the amount of earnings, this is one of the most important factors that affects the job satisfaction of the programmer. Coding can be so fascinating that it allows you to participate in interesting, unique and sometimes very ambitious projects. Then the programmer has the feeling that he is really doing something important, solving a problem that torments perhaps millions of people. The lack of opportunities to participate in interesting projects is often one of the reasons for changing jobs.

10. Gives you the opportunity to solve interesting problems

Programming is also fascinating because it can be a challenge, it can be an opportunity to face a difficult programming problem. In this way, the coder tests himself, his actual skills and predispositions. Faced with an interesting and difficult problem, he can learn a lot about himself. Unfortunately, the result does not always inspire optimism. After all, it may turn out that you need to verify your big idea about your own high programming skills. This confirms once again that from fascination is close to hatred. You can love coding so you can be disgusted with it.

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