Professional burnout in it. How to deal with it?

Professional burnout in it. How to deal with it?

Persistent fatigue, trouble falling asleep, feeling empty and not enjoying coding – these can be symptoms of burnout. This condition must not be underestimated. We are looking at how developers can deal with professional burnout.

Many employees of corporations and not only suffer from the syndrome of professional burnout. The problem also applies to developers, although there is no data on their percentage. It is well known that burnout affects younger workers who are just starting their career.

Professional burnout-what are the symptoms?

The term professional burnout (professional burnout) appeared in the 1970s. This syndrome was first described by American psychiatrist H. J. Freudenberg. Initially, professional burnout was combined with professions that were associated with carrying aid. It is now known that this syndrome can affect virtually any employee. The definition defines occupational burnout as the body’s response to work-induced stress.

Such a state can be a consequence of prolonged performance of excessive duties, too difficult tasks, as well as monotonous, boring work. It is important to note that factors influencing professional burnout can be on the part of both the employee and the employer (e.g. generation of time pressure). The World Health Organization WHO defines burnout as exhaustion of physical and emotional energy and lack of efficiency.

Symptoms of professional burnout can appear on different planes. Most often, problems of a physical nature overlap with symptoms in the emotional sphere. The syndrome increases gradually. First there is a persistent fatigue, which does not want to pass. It is often felt as soon as you wake up. Then comes the trouble sleeping. You can no longer focus your attention on any activity, even the simplest tasks are performed with difficulty, apathy appears.

An employee affected by professional burnout avoids discussion, refuses to argue his / her case, but more often enters into conflicts with colleagues, is constantly nervous. This annoyance often extends to private life. Over time, there are more and more severe headaches, hypertension, and even a feeling of shortness of breath. Work is no longer a pleasurebut it causes aversion and anger. If the programmer, but also any other employee, noticed such symptoms, it is a signal that you should start to counteract it.

How to fight professional burnout?

Lack of satisfaction from participation in new projects, lack of pleasure from coding is a big problem for any computer scientist. If there was no such trouble before, and the work provided joy and satisfaction, then this is a sign that we are probably dealing with a professional burnout. This can happen both to a programmer with several years of experience, and to people working in the profession for only a few years.

As we wrote above, the causes of burnout syndrome can be different and should be identified in each specific case. It is worth remembering that changing jobs does not always help. It happens that the programmer takes his problems to a new employer, and after some time the burnout returns. Instead of running away from problems, it is best to sit down and think about your situation. The programmer should remember why he chose this profession, what gave him pleasure in coding. It’s a kind of return to the source, a refresh of memory. You should also take care of the work-life balance.

A work-life balance must be struck. Rest is as important as participation in subsequent projects. It is important to look for motivation in yourself to start developing again. A good idea is to complete a course or participate in a programming conference, preferably on a technology that the programmer does not specialize in. Learning new languages and paradigms will be a real challenge, it will be a strong incentive to regain confidence and see the value in your work.

You can also look for new, interesting projects that will be a challenge, even implemented non-profit. It is also important to develop good habitsfor example, eating meals in peace, without answering the phone or spending holidays and free weekends without looking at corporate mail.

The sooner an employee notices the symptoms of burnout and begins to solve problems, the greater the chance that he will quickly and painlessly cope with the syndrome. It is important, after all, to derive pleasure from the work that is done. And this is what we wish everyone!

What are your methods to combat burnout? Let me know! 👇

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