Profession commercial photographer with a discount of 55% from Contended

Профессия коммерческий фотограф со скидкой 55% от Contended December 25, begins a six-month course for those who are tired of code and want to take in the industry of commercial photography.

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Advertising, fashion, media, events — it is not so much work, how much communication with the audience, promotion of commercial products. In addition to technical skills, the photographer must understand the laws of the industry, have a clear specialization and recognizable “handwriting”.

Expert practitioners will show you how to construct the field of commercial photography — from the point of view of the photographers and their customers. You hone the technique of creating photographs, develop their own vision and understand where your place in the industry and how to take.

This course is for you if:

  • until you take pictures or want to start (learn the technical details and current trends, and explore different genres and figure out how to monetize my hobby);
  • you are already making a photograph (step up to new levels of skill and demand through individual feedback from experts);
  • you want to take pictures “for cause” (learn how to correctly use subject, portraiture, reportage, fashion photography for blogging, promotion of goods and services).

On the course you will:

  • examine the technical basis of photography, lenses, lighting, composition, post-processing;
  • master the 3 key genre of commercial photography and have been focusing on choice real brief;
  • learn to produce shooting to make treatment, to projects, to establish communication;
  • will begin to shape the author’s style through understanding trends and improving nastranost;
  • build a strategy of the photographer will find a niche for professional development and monetization;
  • will make a portfolio of 10-15 photos and get a personal review of the founder Fun’da mental Agency Dima Gushchin.

Start: 25 Dec.

Duration: 6 months.

Cost: 160 000 grew up. RUB

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