Pleasant with useful. 10 games that will help in learning the code

Pleasant with useful. 10 games that will help in learning the code

Learning to code doesn’t have to be tedious and boring. Thanks to some clusters you can relax, spend time on good fun, and at the same time develop your coding skills.

We have already written how to start learning programming. Today we show that you can successfully combine business with pleasure through games that develop coding skills, and at the same time allow you to spend time carefree. Here are seven games worth paying attention to.

One of the most famous games for learning programming. A very interesting tool for people who want to learn the Ruby language. We embody ourselves as a warrior who must face opponents and monsters, as well as discover various secrets. Of course, in order to pass the game, you need to code, look for information and often strongly to headline. Great atmosphere, great fun and a good test of programming skills.

This time from the dark castles we move into space, and instead of a brave knight, we manage a starship. A lot of logical puzzles and tasks to perform, an interesting storyline, and to this developers impersonate the heroes saving the world. Using the received data, we need to add and modify code fragments, thus passing the next rounds of the game. The whole was divided into a number of tasks with varying degrees of difficulty, to choose from is singleplayer and multiplayer mode. It is worth adding that for the solution of some tasks there are attractive rewards, for example, a smartphone, a drone, etc. Coding game is a project where you can improve your skills in various programming languages (e.g. C++, Java, Python).

For those people who want to practice javascript, a good suggestion is Untrusted. This is an adventure game that is launched using a browser. The interface is fully text-based, but the most important thing is good fun and various programming jokes. The plot can also engage – Dr. eval with the help of a mysterious individual gets out of the trap in which he found himself due to no less mysterious opponents. Now his task is to recover the algorithm, which was hidden in a strange castle. Our task is to modify the code so that we can perform individual tasks and overcome various difficulties (for example, placing on the path of the hero useful items).

Anyone who liked the pyramid should see its new installment called rankk. An ideal place for all those who love to solve problems and are eager to learn new things. Here we have tasks not only in coding, but also in mathematics and logic, in the field of cryptography and CGI security. The game starts with the lowest and at the same time the easiest levels, and then we climb higher and higher on the pyramid of knowledge. At each level you have to solve a certain number of tasks to move on.

Originally from California, the game was released in 2013 and is now available in 60 languages (including English). The service has already registered more than 5 million users from 200 countries. Codecombat is an RPG game with nice graphics, thanks to which we can move into a world full of magic. You have to face there with monsters, defeat enemies and find unusual artifacts. All this is possible after writing your own lines of code. At codecombat we develop our skills in six different programming languages. To begin with, we pass the level in Python or JavaScript, and then we can continue the game in campaign mode-here you can also find JQuery, Bootstrap, HTML5 and CSS. Tasks are becoming more difficult, but also satisfaction with their solution is increasing.

The game was inspired by the well-known project notpron. Python Challenge was prepared by nadava Samet. The developers themselves admit that at the end of the game is not waiting for anything special. Perhaps they mean that the greatest reward is the passage of all levels. You can do this by preparing short scripts in Python or any other programming language (however, for a single level, you must use Python). Moreover, after completing each level, you can analyze the solutions used by other players.

Web game that allows you to learn JavaScript and Python. It offers tasks at different levels of difficulty, so not only beginners will find something interesting there. Your task will be to expand the base and defeat opponents. This all happens by solving programming puzzles, for which you get points. It is they that allow you to move to the next parts of the game world and unlock subsequent challenges.

Screeps is an open source sandbox MMO RTS game for programming enthusiasts, consisting of programming your team of AI units. This is a strategy game in which you control your colony by writing code in JavaScript. It takes place 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in one world that you share with other players. Screeps is designed for people who already have some programming skills. Unlike other RTS games, units in Screeps can react to events without the player’s participation – provided that they are properly programmed. And unlike other MMO games, you don’t have to constantly play to do it well. Just once in a while to check that everything is going as it should.

This is an educational real-time strategy game with programming elements. The extensive editor allows you to learn how to create algorithms and to master the programming rules and syntax typical for C++ i Phenomena. The game consists of several modes: missions, free play, exercises, challenges and levels mode, which includes missions created by the user.

This is a logic game in which you develop artificial code in an assembler. The player assumes the role of a programmer who must repair a damaged computer. He runs tasks on a virtualized computer from the 1970s.

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