PlayStation creator rejects metaverse and does not support VR viewers

PlayStation creator rejects metaverse and does not support VR viewers

The so-called” Father of PlayStation”, Ken Kutaragi, has made a series of statements in an interview for Bloomberg not favorable to the idea of metaverse, for the danger of isolating us from the real world, and has claimed that using VR viewers is uncomfortable.

He currently works for the company Ascent, designing robotic systems and artificial intelligence, and has moved away from the video game industry. When asked about the concept of fashion, the metaverseyour opinion has not been favorable to the creation of virtual worlds.

Being in the real world is very important, but the metaverse is about making the virtual world quasi-real, and I don’t see the point of doing that. Would you rather be a perfect avatar than be your real ‘me’? That’s essentially not much different from being anonymously on messaging services, ” says Ken Kutaragi

When asked about VR viewers as portals to the metaverse, he claims that they would isolate us from the real world, something he disagrees with, stating further that “VR viewers are simply annoying“. Ken Kutaragi, who worked for Sony secretly designed the sound chip for Nintendo’s SNES, is considered one of the creators of PlayStation, as he was the driver of the Super NES CD peripheral, which would evolve and become Sony’s first console. In the interview he is not asked for either PSVR or PSVR2.

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