Playstation 5: Sony shows the new VR gamepad
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    • Playstation 5: Sony shows the new VR gamepad

    Playstation 5: Sony shows the new VR gamepad

    Sony Playstation VR: the Gamepads to see. (Image: Sony)

    The new Controller for Sony’s upcoming Playstation VR consists of two Parts, and as the dual sense of the PS5 with adaptive triggers. A name he has not yet.

    For a month we know that the Japanese entertainment multi-Sony is working on a new Version of the headset, Playstation VR (Virtual Reality). Now, the company shows the corresponding controllers, the sense technically to the current Dual-Controller, the hardly available Playstation 5 (PS5) are based.

    Sony’s upcoming VR Headset to two Gamepads – one for each Hand. So, the competitors Oculus and Valve have it. The advantage of the new adaptive triggers that make a noticeable resistance when you Press the dual sense of the PS5 reinforced, is that players can receive haptic Feedback for each Hand separately.

    A Controller for each Hand allows for more realistic Gameplay

    In order to feel and Move in a virtual world more realistic. Among other things, players will be able to determine, according to Sony, if they “wander through the rocky desert” or “the weapons in the melee swing”.

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    More natural hand movements while Playing to enable the new Controller in that it detects, where the fingers rest on the Gamepad. This should also work if there is no pressure on the Controller is exercised. At the bottom of the gamepad Sony installed a Ring that will be the spatial Tracking of the movements.

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    Playstation VR comes with a single cable

    The dichotomy of the dual sense-Pads Sony presents a design Problem. In the past, there were Grip and trigger buttons for right and left Hand. The Sony needs to disconnect now only pro Controller. All the other buttons in addition to the Analog-Stick, there was, however, only once. The Sony solves such a way that each of the Gamepad has its own Analog-Stick. The triangle and square buttons, walking to the left, the cross and circle buttons to the right of the Controller.

    Unlike the previous Playstation VR, the next Generation should be able to be connected with a single cable to the PS5. This will improve the ease of use significantly.

    The bad news: Sony’s new Playstation VR is not more to come in 2021 on the market. After there is not already enough PS5 for all interested parties, is to get over, but good.



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