Platform SideQuest gets a major update

Platform SideQuest gets a major update

I think most of us can agree that headset Oculus from Facebook Quest is difficult to imagine today without SideQuest. Last year the popular indie market has become a breeding ground for innovative VR content, allowing developers to publish games and experimental demonstration, which was considered too “rough” for the Oculus Store, and get valuable feedback from players early access (and agree friends, is priceless).

Update SideQuest X adds many new features to the fast-growing market, including a new system of wish lists and reviews, SideQuest icons, improved UX, and support for private lists, and more than a dozen other add-ons and improvements.

Here’s a rundown of today’s updates in accordance with the SideQuest:

  • The system wishes to support your favorite apps.
  • Improved UX for the dashboard and when viewing applications.
  • Overhaul of messaging.
  • Added discount markdown for posts, reviews, and descriptions of apps.
  • Added preliminary approval of the application with the planned publication.
  • Added ability to swipe left / right on the banner on the mobile phone.
  • Capital repairs of the system of search and filter, new sort options, and filter devices.
  • Improved the URL of the apps with direct links and social meta tags.
  • Improved review system.
  • A fixed long-standing bug in password reset.
  • Improved the ability to detect categories on your home page and options “Read More”.
  • Dramatically improved screens of the user profiles.
  • Added icons SideQuest in the user profiles.
  • The email notification (can be disabled).
  • Early access should be close to the cutting edge.
  • System private listing. to participate in the early beta versions.
  • Tons of fixes and improvements.

In addition to these updates, SideQuest also provides a series of medals awarded by several influential creators in the community of SideQuest. This includes DrBeef, the independent developer responsible for porting classic FPS, such as Quake and Half-Life to VR, but also RedBrumbler known as Modder Discord SideQuest. Both of these developers will receive a cash prize in the amount of 200 pounds as part of its awards SideQuest.

The company is also particularly welcomed by guy Godin’s Virtual Desktop, Dave Pavlov, SumaLab of Crisis VRigade, Playground Exo of Physics, Room Void of Tea For god, Myron Dasima, and Cix & Team of

Earlier there was another update. The basis of the update is a major overhaul of the website SideQuest, in which the main page and the preview page merge into one. The merged page contains carefully selected items such as a collection of staff, and new releases, along with the traditional categories. Take a look at the top part of the target page in the image below.

Скриншот обновления SideQuest

If we talk about categories, we introduced seven new. They mainly correspond to the genre, for example, flying, meditation, and a multiplayer mode, but the biggest addition is the early access. This special section will also allow developers to provide access only by invitation or on request of the user if they deem it necessary.

Скриншот обновления SideQuest 2

Another great new feature is beta support for VR games for PC using the Oculus Link, which can greatly expand the types of content we see on SideQuest. SideQuest recommends that you follow this space to see new additions to this area.

SideQuest also reports that this new update is the improved browsing experience on mobile devices, new types of profiles for users such as gamer, streamer, and developer, as well as upgrading the system for more points, giving users more rewards. Along with this, after today’s upgrade, the platform returns to the open-source code.

This update SideQuest appeared after yesterday’s mixed news that Facebook will need an account to initially log in to the headset Oculus since October. The news was met online with a lot of negativity; those who do not want to use Facebook can save their account Oculus until 2023 when the support will stop and some functions will be removed. With the growth differences of opinion, it seems that SideQuest can play an increasingly important role in the ecosystem Oculus Quest in the coming weeks, months, and years.

SideQuest is a free download on the website For those who want to download content, you must set the headset mode.

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