"Pistol Whip": new DLC, road map 2020 and the yield on PSVR

“Pistol Whip”: new DLC, road map 2020 and the yield on PSVR

Rhythm shooter VR Pistol Whip got a new level DLC (downloadable content English. Downloadable content) today on the PC and VR Quest. Developer Cloudhead Games has also shared its long-term road map, including DLC, is planned for the 4th quarter of this year, which will mark “a new era” for the game with a “cinematic campaign, built from the related scene.” The Studio also announced the release date of Pistol Whip on PSVR.


Tonight Pistol Whip got a whole new level called “Religion” that is now available for PC VR and Quest. Cloudhead Games describes the new track as “the most intense of all that is”, boasting five and a half minutes of pure physical strength, which will surely bring even the most experienced players to the limit. The new track includes three difficulty.



He is the latest in a series of regular updates after the release of the Pistol Whip at the end of 2019, which now boasts 15 tracks. Cloudhead Games but still don’t plan to stop.


Today the Studio has announced that it plans to release a new free DLC package titled “Heartbreaker”, due out in August. This future update will add three new levels, two new modifier, new settings and for the first time brings the game achievements.



Heartbreaker will also show you how to Pistol Whip enters new musical territory. The Studio says that the levels will be accompanied by “summer vibe, with abstract, colourful and very musical scenes”.


Cloudhead also today announced the next DLC after Heartbreaker. “The Concierge”, the output of which is scheduled for the fourth quarter of this year, will be the first of what the Studio calls “Action Pack” that “will mark a new era for the game.”


While previous updates added new levels and songs, “The Concierge” suggests, as if he’d be more ambitious and will significantly shake up the gameplay. Cloudhead says that the update will bring new types of weapons, types of enemies and a “cinematic campaign, built from the related scene.”



And last but not least, the release date of Pistol Whip PSVR scheduled for July 27. The game will include all DLC available on existing platforms (although the update Heartbreak do not plan to add before launch).



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