Package OC LINK4 help for drivers on the road and during the Stop how to get

Package OC LINK4 help for drivers on the road and during the Stop how to get

Civil liability insurance provides us with financial security in the event of any damage caused by us on the road to bystanders and their property. As we know, compensation paid in such situations can entail huge costs.

By insuring with link4, however, we gain much more: together with the OC policy, we receive a wide assistance program with tire assistance, which provides comprehensive support in unexpected situations on the road or in the parking lot.

OC with Aid Scheme

The mere existence of a compulsory policy provides obvious protection for our budget. The OC is primarily a form of financial support that allows the perpetrator of the damage to avoid covering the costs of compensation paid to the owner of the damaged vehicle.

In some cases, we are obliged to pay the victim an annuity (sometimes even for life). Link4 for each OC policy offers the possibility to take advantage of the assistance program, providing specific support to the insured, including the most frequently used assistance with the improvement of the vehicle in the event of an accident and tire assistance.

Battery problems

One of the most popular customer benefits of the Link4 assistance program is to improve the vehicle at the crash site in the event of a battery discharge. Whether you drive a car with a diesel engine or a petrol engine, these situations are unexpected.

It can take up to several hours to charge the battery, which is why LINK4 offers support in getting the vehicle up and running quickly, so that we can take an interrupted – or not yet started – journey as soon as possible. Within 30 minutes, we will be provided with concrete, ad hoc assistance, thanks to which we will again go on the road.

Punctured tyre

A benefit that LINK4 customers particularly appreciate is Tire assistance. It provides efficient assistance in case of damage to the hearth.

Tire Assistance service includes:
– replacement of the wheel at the scene with a spare wheel belonging to the equipment of the vehicle, or:
– towing to the workshop in the absence of a spare wheel and repair kit, when it is not possible to unscrew the damaged wheel in place, or more tires are damaged,
– repair of the tyre or tyres, carried out in accordance with the repair technology in the workshop chosen by link4, to which the vehicle will be towed.

Link4’s liability is limited to PLN 2000 for one and all damage to the vehicle’s tyres during the insurance period.

Benefits of the Link4 Assistance Program

The Link4 assistance programme includes:
– roadside assistance on average within 30 minutes of notification
– improvement of the vehicle at the accident site or towing up to 100 km
– a replacement car for 3 days in case of accident or theft
– transmission of information about the accident to the chosen person
– information assistance 24h/day
– replace the damaged wheel on site if there is a spare wheel in the car, or tow to the nearest workshop and repair the tire if repair on site is not possible
– start the vehicle engine at the scene in case the battery is low.

On the website there is a calculator that intuitively guides the user through the various insurance options and in 60 seconds calculates the total cost of the policy. It is also worth talking directly with consultants under the number 22 4444444 or personally meet with the agent.

Insurance Assistance program only available in a package with OC or OC / AC. More information, including all limits and restrictions, can be found in the OWU on the site

The material was created in cooperation with the PZU group.

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