Özdemir distances himself from Emcke's comparison of climate scientists with Jews

Özdemir distances himself from Emcke's comparison of climate scientists with Jews

Published on 12.06.2021

Journalist at Green Party conference compares climate scientists with Jews

Cem Özdemir has distanced himself from a comparison made by Carolin Emcke at the Green Party congress. He wrote on Twitter: “Our democracy is threatened from many sides.”Emcke made this clear in her speech. At the same time, however, he criticized: “Comparisons with the hatred to which people of the Jewish faith are exposed are not appropriate.“

The guest speaker had suggested at the party congress of the Greens that, according to the Jews, climate scientists could become the new victims of conspiracy theories. The author and journalist, who writes for the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” among others, said literally in reference to the “radical hostility to science” that prevails in the election campaign: “We will see manipulations and lies, we will see real and invented material leaked and doped.”In this anti-enlightenment climate, it will not matter which people or which parties it affects, “because it affects everyone in our # democracy”.

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And further: “There will certainly be talk of elite again. And presumably it will not be the Jews and cosmopolitans, not the feminists and the virologists, who will be warned, but the climate scientists. She then called out, ” It’s time. A new enlightenment is needed, one that is more self-critical and inclusive than the previous one.“

The Greens in the election campaign

Excerpts of the speech, which was also listened to by the leading duo Annalena Baerbock and Robert Habeck, were published on Twitter. Some users criticized the careless handling of the comparison of Holocaust victims already. “As a winner of the Peace Prize of the German book trade, she belongs to the German elites! Who else is safe from anti-Semitism??commented a user named Albrecht Lohrbächer. In addition to the Peace Prize of the German Book Trade in 2017, Emcke was also awarded the Order of Merit of North Rhine-Westphalia in 2020.

Elio Adler, chairman of the German-Jewish organization WerteInitiative, was also critical: “Defending legitimate climate concerns by instrumentalizing the victims of centuries of persecution and murder is completely unacceptable,” Adler told Bild.

CDU Secretary General Paul Ziemiak demanded a quick clarification from the Greens. Ziemiak wrote on Twitter on Saturday: “This is an incredible + forgotten history derailment at the party congress of @Die_Gruenen.”He expects Chancellor candidate Annalena Baerbock to “today absolute clarity”. There should be no room for interpretation on the subject of anti-Semitism. “There is only plain text.“

However, there is also encouragement: the federal executive director of the Greens, Michael Kellner, said that the author is “above any suspicion of anti-Semitism and has revealed the logic of demagogy in her speech”. And Karin Göring-Eckardt, leader of the Green Party, praised the speech in a tweet: “Thanks to @C_Emcke for a great speech for enlightenment, for truth that is reasonable, for reality. It is an honour to be involved in politics in this sense.“

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