Orange polska puts on 5G. "Will radically change the market of mobile devices

– The 5G network in the future make a revolution in the mobile segment. We all use more and more data from more devices, although the main communication tool is still a smartphone. Our lives are increasingly concentrated around the device. Customers will benefit from the launch of 5G. This mobile is a new generation technology, which will allow you to watch movies without interference, will provide the best picture quality TV, operating viewing content on the Internet, faster uploading photos to social network – emphasizes Jean-françois Fallacher, CEO of Orange polska.

The technology of 5G compared to 4G will create a completely revolutionary features, offering more quick links for communication and greater network capacity. Currently being developed by 4G allows you to access the Internet at speeds up to 300 MB/sec. And the 5G network will enable data transmission at a speed that is several times higher in the past gigabitach per second. The time delay of data transmission will be reduced from today’s 50 milliseconds to just 1 millisecond, and it will be of great importance for the development of the Internet of things, and virtual and augmented reality.

The Orange group is moving to 5G technology. In the next decade it will become commonplace for our customers. Data transfer will speed up ten times, we get the best reaction time of the network. 5G will be a radio Supplement for fiber-optic network and to facilitate the application of many new applications from every sector of the economy, emphasizes Arno Vamparys, Vice-President of Orange France radio access programme Manager, 5G.

5G will also enable the implementation of large-scale solutions such as smart city, take advantage of telemedicine and online diagnostics. Device for monitoring of critical parameters, for example, glucose levels in diabetic patients or the health of people who suffer from cancers, emergency zainicjują contact with the patient and the possible intervention of the emergency services.

The driving force behind the technology, 5G internet of things, and an increasing number of devices connected to the network.

Another very important application of 5G network will be something that we call IoT – the Internet of things. Cars, refrigerators, glasses, watches – all of these devices will be merged and will exchange information with each other, says Jean-françois Fallacher.

Already a few years on the development and deployment of 5G and work with the biggest global care technology, including Orange, of which fiber optic network can also be used in the construction of mobile networks of the new generation. The company promises that the first tests of 5G technology will begin in 2019.

– Training we start with the testing, then we want to have support on all areas. In 2020-2021 years plan to launch 5G in the first place. Then we will gradually develop the network. However, to achieve readiness, must be allocated for the controller frequency required for 5G,” says Jean-françois Fallacher.

Crucial for the implementation of next generation networks in Poland will be the availability of appropriate bandwidth of the 3.6–3.8 GHz. This is the only radio resources, which promptly can be used for network construction. Currently, operators have access to the blocks with a width of up to several tens of MHz of bandwidth to use all the possibilities of 5G, we need units that include not less than 100 MHz.

The Ministry of Digitization, which in the beginning of 2018 published “a Strategy for 5G Polish” wants to 5G networks were designed range of radio frequencies in the range of 700 MHz, the range of 3.4–3.8 GHz and in the range above 26 GHz. The 5G network will operate in Poland in 2020.

Experts Orange polska say that it is the basis of common standards for the development of 5G network. Their first version was developed by the organization, 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP), which combines the company, the interest in the development of cellular systems. Due to the fact that the first devices with 5G network can be ready in 2019.

– We expect that the first smartphones with 4G technology and 5G will be available in Europe in mid-2019, and on a larger scale will be sold in 2020. So Orange polska actively involved in preparations for the implementation of a new generation of networks and devices. Importantly, each country used the opportunities brought by 5G, and each operator has to offer 5G next to the existing 4G network and you can use the same items for the installation of new 5G frequencies,” says Arno Vamparys.

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