Only 22,000 people in the world have the skills to do 'serious research' in AI - and their salaries are soaring

Only 22,000 people in the world have the skills to do 'serious research' in AI - and their salaries are soaring

For some time now, it has been customary to hear that “data scientists” are the new saviors of companies, paid like princes to prevent them from leaving to sell their services to others.

But that was without counting artificial intelligence researchers, with whom companies (really) do not hesitate to get their hands in the pocket. And even associations: as the New York Times reported a few days ago, the San Francisco-based OpenAI association paid one of its artificial intelligence researchers more than $ 1.9 million for the whole of 2016!

Moreover, he is not the only one to benefit from a staggering salary at this Californian non-profit organization. His colleague, Ian Goodfellow, was awarded more than $800,000, even though he didn’t arrive until March of that year. But how to explain such astronomical salaries? “The salaries of artificial intelligence researchers have skyrocketed, simply because there are not many people who understand this technology, and thousands of companies want to work with them,” analyzes the American daily.

The numbers speak for themselves. There are only 22,000 people in the world who would have “the skills necessary to do serious research in artificial intelligence,” The New York Times reports, according to data provided by Element AI, an independent Canadian laboratory. Very low figures even if they have almost doubled in a year.

This also poses problems for universities and governments, which are very interested in these specialists, whether to train their next generations of researchers, or to put artificial intelligence at the service of the military, the creation of new medicines… But be careful: the salaries offered by universities or the government will “never be able to match the salaries paid in the private sector,” recalls the American daily.

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