One fulfillment Allegro how the warehouse works shipping products

One fulfillment Allegro how the warehouse works shipping products

One of the biggest challenges faced by individuals and companies selling online is the delivery of products to customers. The vision of the rooms filled with boxes and the daily commute to the vending machine can be a dream come true for many people thinking of starting their online store.

Fortunately, Allegro sellers have been able to use Allegro’s One fulfillment by Allegro service for several months now.

Fulfillment, that is Allegro is responsible for warehouse and shipping

Allegro, as part of one fulfillment, carries out all activities related to the storage and dispatch of products from sellers. The platform provides:
– store products in your warehouse,
– completion of orders and delivery in cooperation with courier companies,
– providing answers to buyers ‘ questions about orders.

Allegro works with Inpost, UPC and DPD for deliveries, so sellers do not have to sign contracts with these companies.

Orders that customers place and pay by 10: 00 on working days (and those from Warsaw-by 13: 00) can be delivered even on the same day. Orders placed and paid for on weekends until 13: 00 are sent to buyers on Monday. Orders placed and paid for by 8 p.m. on business days are dispatched on the same day.

How does this work in practice? – I remember a situation where a customer who bought the goods after 16: 00, the next day already after 10: 00 had it in his hand-describes Jacek Duchnowski from naxez company selling small household appliances, toys and garden equipment on Allegro. – I did not even think that such an important aspect in online mailings is time-he admits.

– Time of execution of orders in the One Fullfillment service has a very big impact on positive comments and image of the company-emphasizes Artur Kurowski from the company, which at Allegro sells small appliances, automotive lighting and fast-selling products (FMCG). – We do not have to worry that we have to pack these shipments, we have to add additional people who would have to prepare and send these shipments-he calculates.

Jacek Duchnowski notes that previously his warehouse could not keep up with the delivery of ordered products during the peak shopping period by Christmas. – Thanks to the transfer of logistics to one fullfillment, I have time to build, and I leave everything to Allegro warehouse.

As part of one fullfillment, the seller has an assigned business guardian from whom he can receive answers to his questions on an ongoing basis. It also has access to a tool that monitors the status of its products in stock.

As a result, the seller using one fulfillment by Allegro has more time to develop and promote their offer.

The seller who starts using one fulfillment creates a new account on Allegro. – I was afraid of this, I was afraid that customers would not buy-admits Jacek Duchnowski. – Nothing like that happened. Sales are growing, customers are buying-he assures.

One Fulfillment by Allegro for 30 days without charge

Since mid-May, sellers using one Fulfillment by Allegro do not pay for shipments under Allegro smart!, regardless of the value of orders. The new option can be used by both existing and new users of one Fulfillment by Allegro. The offer will be valid until the end of August.

On the other hand, sellers who activate One Fulfillment by Allegro by the end of June will not pay for the services for 30 days (they are exempt from the basic and additional fees, for example, for storage), in addition, for three months they can use the 10-day 10-day reward package and 25%. discounts on commission on premium sales.

Allegro is by far the most popular e-commerce platform in Poland. According to a study mediapanel in April this year recorded 22.18 million users, 73.75 percent. range and hour, 41 minutes and 30 seconds of average visitor usage time.

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