Oculus: Virtual Gaming glasses starts in 2016

She is not yet commercially available, but already many supplications to you: The Oculus Virtual Reality glasses. And this also has a very specific reason, because Gaming, as well as watching films and the like has changed in the past two decades, only barely, even if the quality has risen exponentially, the way as we experience the virtual worlds has so far remained the same. With Oculus, Facebook has, when all the calculations are correct, a big Coup landed, because the virtual Gaming glasses for anyone could truly shake the games industry alive. Millions of players can’t at least keep it expect the Oculus in her hands and Facebook has anything other than to disappoint the gamers. For more on the Oculus Start Rift you see in the first quarter of 2016, and you read in this post with us on the Trends of the future.

Oculus: The Gaming glasses for the mass

Facebook and Oculus Rift have announced the date for the launch of the virtual Gaming glasses Oculus for the first quarter of 2016, and the Gaming Community can hardly hold the virtual Headset wait is finally in the hands. Way of game consoles and into the virtual world. Step into the Rift, the Motto and who should be aware of the development Department behind Facebook, and the virtual 3D glasses, you know that here no half measures, but a new Era of Home entertainment introduced screening, and delivered is. And Oculus Rift to usher in, in fact, the Potential and the properties, the age of virtual reality, global. Game developers such as Gunfire Games and Insomniac are on Board to Rockstar Games, Electronic Arts, and Activision on the virtual train jump is only a matter of time. The Hardware itself, so the virtual glasses, is shaping up to release date thinner, lighter, more convenient, and of high quality to the entry in the virtual worlds to be as intuitive as possible.

New design improvements to the Start

To the new photos of the Oculus can be, especially to the small Details, you can see how the Design piece for piece has improved. In comparison to the first prototype of the virtual glasses these are milestones. And these are also necessary, because only in this way, the glasses are actually for everyday use. In addition to the Headset Oculus Rift comes with two small, Hand-held controllers that attenuate as rings, look to the Striking of objects such as cupboards and shelves, during the wearing and position of the locate settings. In our opinion, the virtual glasses will be equipped with distance sensors, in order to inform the player, while he cavorts in the virtual worlds, in these active about it, if he approaches a wall or a large object. The operating system will read the manufacturer details of Windows 10, and the glasses with an XBox Controller, therefore, even if the two Oculus Touch Controller will be in the long run the better Alternative. In all cases, the new Oculus looks on the photo as if the developers knew exactly what they need to allow them to mutate to the mass market a success. We are thrilled and can hardly wait from the first quarter of 2016, and finally after years of Waiting, in the virtual dimensions of the venture.

Video shows Oculus Rift Gaming glasses

Source: Popular Science

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