Oculus users will need a Facebook account

Since Facebook acquired Oculus in 2014 for around two billion dollars, the company has invested heavily in Virtual Reality technology (VR). Now the time seems come, the cash flow to reverse, and the technique of so far, especially from gamers used VR glasses to deeper integrate in the social network and Vice versa. As a first step, in this way, Facebook has now announced that in the future, a Facebook Account to be able to use the VR glasses, Oculus full advantage.

Anyone who has signed up so far, with an Oculus Account, in the virtual worlds, and have the opportunity, now with a Facebook Account and to merge these with the Oculus Account. Who does not want to, it can use its Oculus-access two years, says a press release from the company.

New users for the first Time a VR glasses of the company, do not have this possibility. For you will be starting in October, a Facebook account is required to use the VR technology to Oculus. The same is true also for future Oculus products – even if you can use an Oculus Account via Facebook Login.

1. January 2023, the company will support no Oculus Accounts.

For Oculus users to apply in the future, Facebook’s rules

The Change will make it Oculus users easier to find your friends in the virtual reality, to network with them and play with them, argues the company. Finally, Social’ve got a “VR is so much more to” and the Change will allow it “to integrate many of the functions which people have in Facebook and love”, in the Oculus System.

This also means that the Code of Conduct of the Oculus is to be replaced by Facebook’s community guidelines. Which, in turn, become new VR rules. In addition, Facebook’s terms of use and privacy policy be amended in order to clarify that the Oculus platform is provided by the social network.

The data on Facebook

The company points out in this connection that according to a Facebook Login, the data on the VR usage to Facebook will be passed to the user personalized advertising play.

After the transitional period of two years, you could use the Oculus devices, although still without a Facebook Account, the full functionality is only guaranteed with a such Account, – stated in the message.

The company wants to be, while “steps”, so you can use the purchased content even more. This can be, for example, cannot be guaranteed if an App specifically requires a Facebook Account or when a developer discontinues support for its App.

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