Oculus Rift and Touch Controller: Hands-on at Gamescom

Oculus Rift and Touch Controller: Hands-on at Gamescom

Today I am flown as an eagle over Paris, pursued by a malicious fellow, who wanted to take me away from my prey. I got fired from a moving car with a machine gun on speeding motorcycles and cars, some of which are exploding in the process. I have collected as a hockey goalie lightning fast-flying Pucks and me in an ice cave roped to the walls of giant insect creatures were crawling. Most impressed me but the volleyball.

Anyone who has grown up with computer games, large-scale, the “I” in connection with something that one has done in the game pretty easily on the lips. When it has to do with Virtual Reality technology (VR), the “I”, but not matching. It is an “I” in the game world, because it surrounds a completely. Because the sounds and visual impressions from the virtual world to the real-world around you completely disappear. And because it seems to be often, and not just a game character controls.

Suddenly you realize: There’s someone else Yes

You fly as an eagle over Paris, in a Demonstration of the software manufacturer Ubisoft possible, then you don’t remember, as it is for an observer may look, what are you doing with his head for strange movements.

You are sitting in the car, like in a VR Demonstration for Sony’s Morpheus glasses, one wonders, at best, in the meantime, if you could not miss with his wild panning with the virtual weapon real people accidentally click. “Presence” to call the professionals that You don’t feel as if you are there, here.

Even more intense this experience is, if you there not alone. In a new Demonstration of the VR company Oculus, which is now part of Facebook, this is made in the Cologne Gamescom behind closed doors to experience.

The Tester is led into a room that looks like a radio speaker cell, with sound-absorbing foam profiles to the wall. On the floor is a thick rubber Mat that you should not leave as – is for a simple method to keep the player at the right place, just on the Basis of the sense of Touch of the feet. In the Hand, you get the new Touch controllers, Oculus, actually, two controllers, each with a trigger button for the Index and the middle finger (see photo gallery).

“Hello!”, says the mask

On the glasses, you find yourself in front of a wide, irregularly-shaped table, on the various objects lying around, roughly, designed as a place holder in a program for 3D Design. Cubes and other geometric forms in a variety of sizes, balls, a toy tank, a robot-Mannequin. Your own hands, you see, as a body, loose, semi-transparent grid drawings in front of you, bend the middle finger, clench to fists, the virtual hands.

On the other side of the table, a mask, including floats, two hands. The mask waves and says “hi!” and waves back involuntarily, even though you have to do it Yes probably with a Simulation. Then, the mask, or the voice that you hear in his headphones and says: “Now reach up to grab something high, just with the middle finger.” This works perfectly, the objects can be lifted from the virtual table, stacked or thrown away.

Then apply the mask on and says: “catch!” and throws me a Ball, I raise my Hand to grasp reflex and catch. And not realize that the mask is pre-programmed part of a Simulation, but the friendly gentleman who is just gone in a different room.

Now he is equipped, in turn, with VR glasses and Controller on the same virtual place, such as I, though, we are real, separated by a foam-padded wall from each other. Long ago I ceased to make me than the resolution of the screen of thought, which is higher than that of the developer versions of the glasses, about refresh rates and latencies. I’m here now, in the Therefully engaged with Exercise and nonsense do. Together, we build a toy block tower. The virtual environment evokes childlike impulses. We giggle, both of you.

A the slingshot, the other stretches keeps the rubber band

At some point, the mask pushes me to a table tennis racket in Hand, together, we clear all the debris from the table, and then ping-pong is played. The small Ball walks out quite the way you expected it from him, on the table top, he jumps, bounces, hits the own racket, fly to From. A Match with Slice and Topspin probably wouldn’t have, but for a bit of back and forth that’s it.

As I break with a targeted cubes-throw a large glass balls in the Background around it bursts suddenly, the virtual bubble around us, and the stars and planets are visible. The force of gravity disappears, cubes and toys that were still on the table, floating slowly to the top, we stand on a circular platform in the Nothing. The mask laughs and says: “Looks like we are now in space.” Shortly thereafter, the bubble returns, and thus the force of gravity, which is kind of reassuring.

Then is shot with a slingshot on a Rummeplatz wheel. I may throw a boomerang through the air and can absorb them after a bit of Practice, you can shoot dwarfs with laser guns on huge garden, in the freezing burst. The slingshot can also be used cooperatively operate: A sling, the other stretches keeps the rubber band.

Suddenly, the mask is huge and I’m a dwarf

Another Sci-Fi weapon I let the mask, and her floating hands on miniature size to shrink. She returns the favor and shrink myself. Suddenly, everything around me seems vast, the mask floats threat-it’s huge on me and suddenly speaks with a much lower, distorted voice, turning me but then quickly back again. Everything a little bit like Alice in Wonderland.

As the Whole thing is over, at most a quarter of an hour after the start, for me this is, admittedly, a bit of a queasy feeling in the stomach and the real world feels a little shaky.

Nevertheless, this shows the back room-Demonstration of the Oculus glasses, what could be a possible killer application for this technique: The common residence in a virtual realm of magic, real interaction in Unreal. Vicinity, regardless of the actual distance, shared rooms in the middle of Nowhere. In William Gibson’s Cyberspace.

It only remains to hope that the game industry is limited to the Making of these interactions on the end of what she has chosen many years ago to the standard interaction in online games: shooting at each other.

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