Oculus Rift and Morpheus, The virtual reality is in front of the door

You can tell the Presenters that you are a bit nervous. “Are you okay?”, ask, if you put a Morpheus or the Oculus Rift, glasses, and after a few minutes, you pull the polite one of the devices from the head and ask, as a favor. Yet many people is sometime bad, when you put on one of the Virtual Reality glasses (VR) for a longer time.

This is the biggest risk for the manufacturer, and therefore, there are still only prototypes: “We are, of course, nothing on the market, of which the people are bad,” says Jim Ryan, Europe, head for Sony’s console business.

But even now, the glasses do what you thought in the nineties for the next big thing: you put the user in a seemingly surrounding 3D environment. He turns his head, he looks into the simulation world up or down. This “Head tracking” works remarkably well, whether you’re sitting in a simulated space ship, plane, or car.

However, pans work on both devices is still a little jerky, streaky. The head rests in a Position, you will also see the image clearly. Or half-right, because the screens on the mobile phone-based technology, but directly in front of the eyes of the user are placed, the image is a bit pixelated. Like an old tube TV, you can see the individual pixels.

When the shark comes, shrugs it necessarily has to be

But one forgets that the relatively fast, if, say, a shark on a zuschwimmt. In one of the most impressive of the four Sony demonstrations in Cologne, Gamescom is like this: You put on the glasses and finds himself in a cage that is left on a coral reef along into the sea. On the radio – that is to say: the earphones, the one is also still hear a diver colleague talk about what you begin to ignore fast because a huge, superbly animated shark moves first circles around the cage, and then with his mighty Teeth to come apart.

You forget also that you look for the bystanders probably plenty of strange if you jerks back, startled. Irritating is that the feet seem to float motionless on the floor of the cage, even if it wriggles itself around.

In a Roll-toboggan-Simulation, however, in a busy mountain road controls on a beanbag, lying with head movements of a raging Board down, not bothering own, simulated body in the lower part of the field of view at all. Because he hardly moves, just like the real thing.

The technique works the same for both devices in A stereo camera to detect where and in what orientation the glasses in the room. Every movement is translated as quick as a flash in the virtual world, the user sees before his eyes. This brings problems with it: “the more Immersion, the more fragile it is,” says Jed Ashford, a developer who worked for Sony VR.

An example from the test laboratory: player a real steering Wheel in my hands have held, the simulated hands in the game world. The simulated hands serve, but the shift paddles on the steering Wheel, while the players mentioned in an automatic. That “their” hands were on the steering Wheel without your Intervention, brought many testers completely out of the concept.

“This is a new Medium, and the rules and regulations of this is not yet written,” says game developer David Braben. Its space simulation game “Elite Dangerous” will be compatible with a VR-glasses-play. The beta version gives already an impressive space flight experience.

By chance, the right Controller is already on the market

During Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is trying to convince Hollywood of the opportunities, has detected the game industry, the potential of the technology for a long time. “We have a couple of projects on these devices,” says Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot, even in the case of Electronic Arts, experiments glasses with VR.

Only Microsoft Executive Phil Harrison responded in monosyllables to the question about the Oculus Rift, although Microsoft has invested in Facebook and the Oculus Rift, since March 2014, the Facebook group belongs to. “I’m going to comment here on any future technologies,” says Harrison, you will find the topic interesting, but not as interesting as “the flat-screen TV, today it is in every living room”.

In the case of Microsoft’s main competitor, the Sony, however, has landed a lucky hit: technology, combined with the Morpheus glasses, have lots of Sony customers at home. The Move Controller for the Playstation consoles are recorded with the same technique as the Morpheus glasses.

Sony demonstrated in Cologne with a knight-Simulation: The Tester gets out of the glasses, a Move controllers in Hand. The can mutate in the virtual world either to the sword, the morning star, or the crossbow, which can be used for a rag doll in knight’s armor maltreat. The link between the direction of gaze and hand movements will work perfectly, “because we all know exactly where your head is and where the Controller,” says a developer on the spot. Real distances to be transferred one-to-one in the simulated room.

Long in all of this, it was planned to Playstation Europe boss Ryan Frank: “Morpheus was not part of a larger strategy, which began with the Move.”

“Reminds the people that it is real”

The Immersion with the devices, provides, moreover, entirely new set of problems for developers. Jed Ashford Sony was at a lecture for developers to some: “a fear of heights, claustrophobia, fear of the dark, in front of large spaces, spiders, or snakes.” The virtual realities seem now so real, that for someone with a fear of heights, a simulated bridge to the insurmountable obstacle can be. And horror games work, even for die-hard Fans are not equal more realistic, says Ashford: “We see in Tests, people who are absolutely enthusiastic and then after the first round is to say, you don’t want to play anymore.”

For all these cases, the Designer of a game should give the player the ability to be a discomfort to Express and to make the game situation for him more tolerable. Ashford’s counsel: “Ensures that it feels more like a video game. The people reminds us that it is real.”

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