Oculus Quest review: What Facebook's VR glasses can do

Oculus Quest review: What Facebook's VR glasses can do

Anyone who has ever had VR glasses on their nose knows that this technology could revolutionize the computer games industry. But although several manufacturers have already put a lot of effort into it, the great success has not yet been achieved.

The reasons are obvious: most of the available cyber glasses are either expensive, technically immature, or the appropriate game selection is missing. Facebook wants to change all this with its latest prank: Oculus Quest is the magic word.

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Like the Oculus Go, it does not only work without cables, but also without a PC, console and smartphone. Unlike the good predecessor – see test here – the quest allows a completely free movement. “Computer Bild” has tried the cyber glasses.

Oculus Quest is based on smartphone

First of all: real PC games from the high-end glasses Oculus Rift and HTC Vive do not run with the quest. Like the Oculus Go, it is based on a smartphone, but unlike Samsung’s Gear VR, it no longer needs a mobile phone.

The quest uses a Snapdragon 835 as processor, Qualcomm’s top CPU from 2017. Thus, the integrated technology offers enough power to display 3-D games without stutters or delays. The built-in OLED display offers a resolution of 1600×1440 pixels per eye, which is completely sufficient for the normal gamer.

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However, if you look very closely, you can see a fine pixel grid and individual pixels. However, this does not detract from the fun of the game due to the newly gained freedom of movement.

Four cameras capture player position

The new VR glasses use the specially developed tracking technology “Oculus Insight”. This allows the user to actually move completely in virtual reality and change his position as desired.

And this is completely wireless – so far, the immersion has been significantly disrupted and the feeling in the middle of it has not been able to fully unfold. Unlike the Rift, you do not need to set up external sensors for this, the living room does not fall prey to gaming feng shui.

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How can this be? Well, a wide-angle camera is embedded in the four corners of the front of the glasses, which measures the space and at the same time assesses the position of the player. This already worked amazingly precisely and without any delay in real time with the tried-and-tested prototype.

The only drawback in theory: since the camera sensors are located only on the front of the glasses, they can not capture what is happening behind the player and, accordingly, do not depict it in the game. But the algorithm of the quest works so well that this physical “problem” is not noticeable when playing.

Impressive gaming experience

The two Oculus touch controllers for the left and right hand complete the set. They are virtually identical to the input devices of the Rift and equipped with various sensors that turn the piece of plastic into a virtual hand with a precise gripping function.

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If you put your glasses on for the first time, pick up the digital racket and play tennis in the living room, you will recognize the technical progress that Oculus Quest brings.

Whether it’s the legendary Becker pike jump, a sprint to the virtual net or the skilful forehand for the perfect return – the freedom of movement in combination with the no longer existing cables creates a completely new gaming experience.

Nevertheless, you do not have to worry about the favorite vase: the playing area is determined in advance, the boundary is indicated with a grid.

Who should buy the Oculus Quest?

The question is whether the mix of sophisticated high-end hardware, coupled with smartphone-level games, will work out. One thing is certain: there should be plenty of games. More than 50 titles will be available at the start of the Oculus Quest.

VR fans can look forward to the said tennis game and already well-known titles such as “The Climb”. New productions such as “Star Wars – Vader Immortal” are also coming – an interactive VR series around Darth Vader, which will be released in episode format.

The big question, however, is: which gambler should buy the device? The new model is likely to be too weak on the chest for hardcore PC gamers – VR highlights such as “Doom VR” cannot be played with it. Console and casual gamers, in turn, would be the perfect clientele, but the high price should deter them.

After all, the Oculus Quest is more expensive than current Daddel boxes like PS4 and Xbox One – and also more expensive than the Oculus Rift (without PC of course). It remains exciting.

Conclusion: With Oculus Quest, the Facebook subsidiary is taking a big step forward. Although the image quality and hardware – the processor is a bit fresher – are almost identical to the Oculus Go, the free movement in the room now allows a real feeling in the middle of it.

Squat, pike jump, fist strike – everything goes as with the big brother Oculus Rift without additional sensors installed in the apartment. This is made possible by the four cameras on the front.

Great: The two included touch controllers transfer the hand movements into the game without delays. Only the price is a little too high.

Strengthen: pleasant wearing comfort due to retaining straps, weight even for longer gaming sessions okay, high-quality workmanship, good detection of the position and movements of the player, controllers allow precise playing

Weaken: high price, no high-end games like on PC

Assessment: good

The Oculus Quest will be released in spring 2019 at a price of 399 dollars (about 340 euros). There are currently no more precise details.

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