Oculus Quest 2: Facebook uses VR glasses with price reduction

Oculus Quest 2: Facebook uses VR glasses with price reduction

On Wednesday, Facebook has given you the price of the new model of the VR glasses, Oculus Quest, which in Germany is not currently available and known.

Facebook dashes in the business with VR-eye-glasses, with a significant price reduction. The new model of glasses Oculus Quest, without the need of an additional Computer that will cost in the US $ 299 – $ 100 less than the previous version, such as Facebook announced on Wednesday. In Germany, the device will initially be available because Facebook claims to be a previously unspecified regulatory authority in the conversation.

The Oculus Quest 2 in the United States on may 13. October on the market. It weighs less than the previous model, and has a new Chip. This was developed by the semiconductor-group Qualcomm specifically for the display of virtual reality (VR), the users in the digital world can immerse themselves. For a better picture, a new LCD should Display with 50 percent of image points. The first Quest model had two separate screens with OLED technology.

As a new application Facebook Infinite Office introduced a virtual workplace, you also need a large Computer screens in the glasses displayed. From accessories provider Logitech keyboard comes – the user should be able to see in the glasses of your fingers. The function should first be test on the Quest, 2 available.

Sale in the USA set

In Germany, Facebook had set at the beginning of September to the sale of Oculus goggles for the time being. It is in talks with regulators to standing, announced the Online network without additional information. The step was followed by the announcement that buyers of new devices – and as of 2023, all users must log in with your Facebook account. Previously, there were separate Oculus Profiles, which did not have to be necessarily linked with the Facebook data.

Facebook is working in the meantime on a pair of glasses with transparent glasses that can display additional information for the users in the real environment. The Online start-network soon to be Tests with a pair of glasses with cameras and microphones, with the help of use case scenarios and operation were supposed to be investigated. They are to be worn by some Facebook employees not only on the company’s premises, but also in Public. Faces and car license plates are made in records automatically unrecognizable, as the Online network is stressed.

Among the plans of Facebook to create for the use of the glasses is a three-dimensional model of all the possible environments that could be updated with the help of the cameras automatically. On the Basis of this Live Maps useful assistance could be developed Software, which accompany the user constantly through the day and on the environment, reacting, said Oculus chief scientist Michael Abrash. You can’t imagine what will be possible, – said Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

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