Oculus Quest 2: Facebook celebrates success and shares his plans for 2021

Oculus Quest 2: Facebook celebrates success and shares his plans for 2021

Chapter XR Facebook confirms what many already knew: Oculus Quest 2 — the most successful VR glasses Facebook today.


The Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Go, Oculus Rift, Oculus Rift and Oculus’s Quest: Oculus Quest 2 surpasses them all. “Oculus Quest 2 is our fastest growing VR headset thanks to the Association of leading form factors and VR content our developer community”, — writes the annual review, Andrew Bosworth, head of the Facebook Reality Labs.


“Quest 2 has exceeded the number of monthly active users of the original Quest points in less than 7 weeks, and more and more people use the device to stay in shape, play with friends and cooperate. And we continue to diversify our user base: more women use Quest 2 than any of our previous points of virtual reality,” continues Bosworth.


Thanks to Oculus VR’s growing Quest 2


Less than seven weeks means: from mid-October until the end of November 2020. Users who for Christmas was given to VR glasses are not included.


As before, Facebook does not name specific sales figures, but instead refers to the sale of apps Oculus, because they are more significant for developers. As a preliminary objective, the head of Facebook mark Zuckerberg has allocated ten million users Oculus. The ecosystem is still far from that, despite Oculus Quest 2.


Facebook confirmed shortly after that the Oculus Quest 2 sold faster than the previous model. The developers also reported a significant increase in sales and access.


Free app VR Rec Room has registered more users Quest 2 than the original Quest, in the day of its launch, and developers Pistol Whip reported a tenfold increase in sales. “Since then, as Quest 2 appeared on the market, our daily turnover increased significantly,” — said recently H. Thorisson, head of the Studio that developed the Waltz of the Wizard.



Commitment Facebook — “Good for Horizon”


Bosworth looks to the future and predicts that a large social VR experiment Horizon from Facebook will begin this year. Boss XR promises “more features and control over how you look in VR” in 2021, and this means greater freedom of choice from the point of view of privacy, and, possibly, a new system of avatars belonging to the Horizon.


According to Bosworth, the extremely controversial charge account Facebook for Oculus devices allows to improve the user experience, as well as more stringent measures of privacy and security. Thus, Bosworth probably has in mind a rather radical monitoring mechanisms in the Metaverse Facebook.


Social network pursued hate speech, racism and all kinds of persecution, must do everything possible so that these phenomena did not occur in virtual reality and did not develop the worst effect due to the factor of immersion.


Focus on virtual work


Another priority in 2021 — virtual office and collaboration in virtual reality. Bosworth refers to the Infinite of Office, promised Facebook for Oculus Quest, which will not take long.


“We will continue to shed light on the progress we achieve on the way to the future”, writes Bosworth.


There is also much that must happen from the point of view of augmented reality in 2021: Bosworth affirms that this year will be the first Facebook information points that will be developed in cooperation with Ray Ban. He did not disclose any new technical details.


AR Facebook ecosystem will continue to evolve in parallel, and the platform will be equipped with a Spark AR new and additional options during the year.



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