Oculus Go in the Test: For whom Facebook's new VR glasses worth it?

Oculus Go in the Test: For whom Facebook's new VR glasses worth it?

A Virtual-Reality glasses, without the need of a high performance computer or Smartphone nearby? The new VR Headset from Facebook works, the Oculus Go.

While high-tech Rift headsets like the Oculus with a powerful and expensive PC need to be paired, the Go to the device via the Oculus App on the phone without any further support. Technically, the VR glasses competes for 219 euros with Smartphone headsets like Samsung’s Gear VR.

What you can expect as the owner of the glasses? For whom a purchase of the device could be useful? About the network to discuss the world-editors Markus Böhm and Angela Gruber, both of which have tested the device. Technical data for the glasses provides this photo-distance:

Markus: Angela, would you buy an Oculus Go?

Angela: This is actually the first Virtual-Reality-glasses, for that I think about it seriously.

Markus: Why exactly?

Angela: I’m not a Gamer and have no high-performance PC at home. I just don’t want to have to also buy an extra one, in addition to an expensive glasses. For me, the Oculus Go is not mainly due to the interesting, what you required: you do not desecrate the living room with positioning sensors, there is no cable clutter, and she is quick to use.

Markus: You can use the glasses so simple, like me. However, I like to play and have a good PC at home, so I use the Rift with my Oculus: The games you can play with it, and the accessories, especially the Hand Controller are Much better. The Go I would probably only travel more attractive.

Angela: But let’s be honest: Would you really have a VR glasses, put them in the case, if you are on the go anyway a bunch of new things to see?

Markus: Oh, there is also a boring hotel room in boring cities, such as on business trips. But otherwise, you’re right. And in the train or on the plane, I wouldn’t trust me ultimately, but the glasses raise for fear of being laughed at. Also, I can see nothing, and my stuff would be more easily stolen.

Angela: A VR glasses is really not a piece of jewelry. But the Oculus Go that I find particularly ugly.

Markus: I think that this grey, it’s awful. Well, you don’t need to see, while one wears them.

Angela: But the glasses are pretty comfortable. I had not such a terrible pressure in the face, like other Headsets. And I was also not so hot under the glasses.

Markus: I found you while Wearing okay. Maybe this is also due to the fact that the Oculus Go games generally require less exercise than other VR games where you hampelt part around and with the hands flails. The Go does not recognize the holding eh, what are you doing in the room.

Angela: I have really tried fond of VR applications, which tend to be more passive, and in which one is an observer. The story of “Notes on Blindness” has worked well, but the best I found “Ocean Rift”. Since I was a Diver under water. The sounds of the oxygen bottle you get super.

Markus: Yes, the Software works well. I liked most likely Apps such as the pinball Simulation “Pinball FX2 VR” and the Horror-puzzle game “Dead Secret”, where it is rather leisurely. And also for 360-degree Videos or Netflix on a virtual TV on the Go is to Look practical. I’m often to lazy, my Rift to join, to view only a few minutes of Video.

Angela: For a lot of Action in the glasses is not suitable for this purpose. This is, I think, especially on the Controller. He looks like a remote control is small, and that’s exactly how it feels retaining to hold it in VR. When I hang out with expensive VR headsets like the Vive or the Oculus Rift games and a climbing wall or against the Monster fights, it is cool to have for each Hand an extra-shaped Controller.

Markus: For me, the Go is that the Headset will notice if I move in the room or if I lean forward or backward.

Angela: Luxury problem. Most of them have nothing VR-even at home.

Markus: Especially if you play for longer, make such features a lot. When I watch Netflix in VR-the living room is to give it to me, admittedly, but also whether the glasses will realize just how low I’m stuck in the chair.

Angela: So you would buy the Go more?

Markus: For 100 Euro, I would go for it, as an alternative device for VR Streaming, and the like, for 150 euros, perhaps. 220 euros is not worth it. And you?

Angela: I’m not going to propose right away, but once the first offer is less than 200 Euro, it will be interesting.

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