OC insurance-an unwanted expense or necessary protection in case of trouble?

OC insurance-an unwanted expense or necessary protection in case of trouble?

Civil liability insurance (abbreviated OC) is not only a legal obligation, but above all the protection of the interests of our and others. The rule is simple: if another driver causes an accident, our damage will be removed from his OC motor insurance. It also works the other way: if we cause damage in an accident, we will repair it with our OC insurance. The policy of the perpetrator of the accident will also cover the possible costs of treatment or rehabilitation.

In the event of a road accident involving US, and we do not have the current OC, we face not only a high monetary penalty for its absence, but above all we run the risk of incurring huge costs associated with the repair of the car and possible costs of treatment and rehabilitation, and in extreme cases compensation for death.
Without the OC, nothing protects us, and we are responsible for any damage, damage to health or even loss of life of third parties with all our assets. This can mean hundreds of thousands of gold liabilities paid even for the rest of your life. So it turns out that the purchased OC policy saves us from horrendous costs.

What threatens us for the lack of compulsory OC?

For not purchased or not extended for the time of the OC, we face a monetary penalty. The amounts are insignificant, and their amount is directly related to the current gross minimum salary.

It is worth remembering that although we no longer need to carry an OC policy with us, the police will check its validity in the electronic cepik system at every check. The insurance guarantee fund also verifies the information on OC policies on an ongoing basis and imposes penalties in the absence thereof.

How to spend a little and get a lot?

It turns out that buying OC insurance does not necessarily mean high costs, and in addition, we can get many additional packages that will give us even better protection at a very favorable price.

The choice should be guided by the opinion of independent experts who checked the rich offer of insurers on the Polish market for us. In the prestigious ranking of motor insurance announced in 2021, the insurance package LINK4 is unrivaled. The ratio of the benefits of OC, assistance and NNW insurance in relation to the insurance price in link4 is unparalleled.

This opinion is also confirmed by the victory of link4 in the evaluation of customers themselves. In a consumer survey conducted by the Polish Institute for quality research, link4 has collected the most positive opinions. Customer confidence won m.in. for the smooth process of buying a policy, the best hotline and, most importantly, also for the very good service of liquidation of damage.

On the website www.link4.pl a calculator is available that intuitively guides the user through the various insurance options, calculating the total cost of the policy on an ongoing basis. You can also contact the consultants by phone at 22 4444444 or arrange a direct meeting with an agent who will advise us on the optimal mortgage insurance option. For more information, including all limits and restrictions, please visit link4.pl.

The material was created in cooperation with link4.

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