OC for cyclists price where LINK4 is possible how to put

OC for cyclists price where LINK4 is possible how to put

OC for ecocyclists-what is it?

The bike business is at its best. More than one million bicycles are produced in Poland every year. Such a vehicle already has more than 60 percent. households and it is unlikely that it will boil in the basement. During the week we use it for work or school, and on weekends for longer trips. Unfortunately, the popularity of bicycles is associated with an increasing number of collisions with pedestrians or other cars.

How to avoid problems? It is best to buy an OC policy for ecocyclists in link4. This is a very practical solution. When we cause damage, the cost of the damage is covered by the insurer. It is worth to be aware that repairing a damaged vehicle or the cost of treating a hit-and-run pedestrian can seriously burden our budget.

OC for ecocyclists in LINK4 protects us in cases of damage, which can be divided into two categories:

● In-kind (e.g. damage to someone’s car) – the policy provides peace of mind not only when we are the perpetrator of a collision, but also when we scratch or otherwise damage the vehicle, e.g. in a parking lot. Then the insurance will cover the cost of replacement, repair or painting of the damaged body element.

● Personal injury (e.g. injury to a third party) – when riding on bicycle paths, it may happen that we run over, hit or run into a pedestrian, resulting in injuries. Then it is worth to have the help of the insurer.

Why choose OC for cyclists?

More and more people are cycling to get to work. We are tired of standing in traffic, so we choose a healthier and faster option. Sometimes, driving through crowded city centers, we can cause a dangerous situation involving another cyclist, pedestrian or car. There are stories of cyclists who got lost and drove into a parked car.

We can talk about special bad luck when it is an expensive car. Let’s imagine that we scratched the rear bumper or broke the headlight in the car. A minor malfunction, and the cost of repairing these components can be high. With the OC policy for ecocyclists, we can breathe a sigh of relief. Thanks to link4, all formalities will be dealt with painlessly, and the victim will immediately receive the amount due, while we will save ourselves the nerves and expenses.

For whom is the OC for ecocyclists intended?

An ecocyclist is none other than the owner of a single-or multi-lane means of transport, powered by muscle power or an electric motor. The condition is a design that limits the speed to 25 km / h.in link4 you can buy OC for a bicycle, electric scooter or ordinary. As part of the policy, we receive protection when, while driving our vehicle, we cause damage to another person or their property.

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OC price for the cyclist

The cost of insurance for ecocyclists is determined individually on the basis of the information provided at the conclusion of the contract. The premium can be paid in a lump sum or in installments-within the terms specified in the policy.

Does the ecocyclist’s OC work on a rental vehicle?

What is very important, the ecocyclist OC protects a specific, named person and is not limited to one vehicle. So feel free to go on the road with a rented bike or scooter.

A big plus of insurance in link4 is that the policy can be conveniently purchased online or by calling the hotline. It saves us valuable time. On page link4.pl a calculator is available that intuitively guides the user through the different insurance options and calculates the total cost of the policy. We can also speak directly with consultants at 22 4444444 or meet with an agent in person.

OC insurance for Ecocyclists in link4 available only in a package with OC or OC/AC. For more information, see the OWU available at www.link4.pl

The material was created in cooperation with the PZU group.

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