OC and Auto Assistance-a masterful duo not only for May Day

OC and Auto Assistance-a masterful duo not only for May Day

It is worthwhile to be aware that things do not always turn out the way we think. In the event of an unexpected accident or a punctured tire somewhere along the route, quick and reliable assistance would be useful. About how useful is auto assistance, convinced every driver who needed immediate support. And if we have a package of insurance at a good price and with a wide range-as in link4, then we can safely go on a tour, alone or with family on board.

How does OC insurance with assistance work?

Ms Patrycja (37) from Krzyż Wielkopolski, a client of LINK4, tells about her experience with Auto Assistance:

My husband and I decided on auto assistance insurance last year, just before May. There were several things involved-the most important was the fact that our twins, Ania and Marcel, were born in February. Going to my husband’s parents, who live in Upper Silesia, we wanted to be sure that no unpleasant situation would “freeze” us somewhere on the side of the road with the little ones.

We have been holders of a great OC in link4 for several years, so we decided to buy auto Assistance in addition. We chose the basic option. Additional insurance very quickly became necessary. About halfway there, the car refused to obey us. When my husband tried to accelerate, the engine choked strangely, and the car seemed to jump. We pulled over to the side of the road, turned off the engine, but when we got back on the road, the problem happened again.

It was late in the evening, so we called link4 as soon as possible. We gave the exact location of our stop using road markings. In less than half an hour, a tow truck arrived. We were also provided with assistance in finding a hotel, where we waited until our in-laws came to pick us up. The car was towed to the workshop that our father-in-law recommended, so after the holiday we could already return in our own vehicle. The mechanic stated that the on-board computer was reading signals from the LPG system incorrectly. The help from link4 was irreplaceable. Thanks to her, the children did not even notice the forced stop on the road.

Although Ms Patrycja used the basic Auto Assistance package at LINK4, the protection included technical assistance in case of accident, damage, theft and vandalism:
– car repair at the scene;
– tow to your destination (up to 500 km);
– wheel replacement;
– start-up in case of low battery;
– fuel delivery;
– help if the fuel freezes or if we pour the wrong;
– scrapping;
– opening in case of loss or destruction of keys;
– cover parking costs up to 2 days;

and one of the following benefits to choose from:

– replacement car up to 4 days in case of accident or theft;
– accommodation in hotel**/***, if we are located more than 20 km from the place of residence;
– transport of the driver and passengers to their destination or place of residence if the distance exceeds 20 km.

In addition, LINK4 also offers extended insurance options – auto Assistance Plus and Auto assistance comfort.

On the website: link4.pl a calculator is available that intuitively guides the user through the different insurance options and calculates the total cost of the policy in 60 seconds. It is also worth talking directly with consultants under the number 22 4444444 or personally meet with the agent.

More information, including all limits and restrictions, can be found in the OWU on the site www.link4.pl.

The material was created in cooperation with the PZU group.

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