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OC/AC package in LINK4-wide protection with simple rules

The professionalism of this insurer is proved above all by the opinions of satisfied customers. It is also important to distinguish LINK4 tu Sa Top Brand Customer Laureus 2022 in the segment of direct communication insurance and the award of the Golden customer Laureus in the segment of quality of service for individual customers. Doesn’t that speak for itself?

OC / AC package-how does it work?

The OC / AC package in link4 are two popular insurances. OC insurance is a compulsory policy for all car owners driving on Polish roads. It protects us from the costs of damage caused to third parties and their vehicles . For the absence of the current OC policy, with only a 14-day delay, the driver of a passenger car can pay a penalty of up to 6020 PLN. Simply put, the OC protects us from the risk of covering the enormous costs of harm caused to others, while ensuring the fulfillment of our legal obligation.

Autocasco, that is, AC insurance is not required, but it is worth thinking about this additional policy. The OC itself will not protect our car, it protects those injured as a result of our fault, while the AC protects vehicle owners from bearing the consequences of costly repairs to their own car in the event of a collision caused by our fault. It can also be a financial security in case of car theft or destructive force of the elements.

To choose the most advantageous option, it is worth considering the scope of the proposed policy and consciously make a decision about choosing an insurer. It is worth knowing that when buying AC in link4, we include the policy in the all risk formula, which means that our vehicle is protected in case of any events (except those specifically indicated in the OWU).

All risk protection

Thanks to all risk insurance, we can get compensation even in the event of unusual damage and damage to the vehicle, resulting from any sudden and unforeseen events. This applies not only to the damage to which we are directly responsible. They also include vandalism, parking damage or damage caused by the action of natural forces: hail, hurricane, lightning strikes, floods, landslides or avalanches. AC insurance can be purchased in a package with OC in two variants:

Workshop (we repair the car in any workshop, also in Aso, and the settlement is made on the basis of invoices) or cost estimate (we receive compensation on the basis of the appraisal of the damage by the appraiser and repair the car on our own).

OC/AC insurance in practice

A long-term client of LINK4, Mrs. Irena (70 l.) from Radom, told us about her experience:

Insurance in link4 we have with my husband for 12 years. For the first 10 we used only OC, but in 2020 we also bought autocasco. We are not getting any younger, so-although we drive carefully-we decided to cover our car, and therefore our finances, with more protection. The weather has not spoiled in recent years either, and the AC provides support in case of disasters resulting from the actions of nature.

The AC policy was offered to us by a nice agent, Mrs. Beatka, with whom we deal with insurance matters from the very beginning. We both have lots in a pretty wooded area, and some time ago, several branches damaged the cars of other landowners there. Anyway, it’s mostly for the plot and shopping we go with my husband. And sometimes to his older sister living in Kielce. Last year, at exactly the same time as now, at the beginning of April, I started gardening as usual.

I remember one day I pulled into our front yard and left my car in the only place that was open. It was a little tight, but I parked. In the evening, when I wanted to go back, I found a dented rear door and scratches with traces of green paint on the red body of our car. I was standing there. Someone must have hit my car while maneuvering in the parking lot … I called my husband upset.

He calmed me down and reminded me about the policy. So I reported the damage to link4 by phone. How lucky they don’t have complicated procedures! Everything went smoothly, the car was repaired in the chosen workshop, and the compensation came within 30 days. This is what we value most about link4: simplicity and speed. They do not cause additional stress to the person; on the contrary, thanks to efficient assistance and fair rules, I can be sure that the elimination of damage will not be a path through torment. This is a sure company, plus Poland-all the pluses!

Transparent means fair

As the example of Mrs. Irena shows, in link4 the rules of insurance are extremely simple and transparent. We won’t find any small print links here. The client receives full information about the scope of insurance, as well as about his rights. – Clear, transparent policy rules in link4 are the foundation of our business. At link4 we focus on simplicity because it makes the customer trust us and stays with us for a long time-says Marek Baran, director of corporate communications at link4.

How to buy a policy in link4?

Nothing easier! On the website there is an intuitive calculator that will guide the user through the various insurance options and calculate the total cost of the policy in 60 seconds. Professional consultants can also help, with whom we can talk by calling 22 4444444. Another possibility is a face-to-face meeting with an agent. AC insurance in link4 available only in the package with OC.


More information, including all limits and exclusions, can be found in the OWU on the site

The material was created in cooperation with the PZU group.

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